What is an Online Scrapbook?

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An online scrapbook is a scrapbook that can be composed and shown using the Internet. Online scrapbooks are a great alternative to physical scrapbooks, which can be expensive and time-consuming to make. Online scrapbooks appeal to many individuals because they can be modified, shared and replicated easily.

The creation of an online scrapbook is done completely by computer, so scrapbookers have to seek ways to decorate and digitally embellish their projects. Many online scrapbook resources provide graphics that can act just like physical paper, stickers and embellishments would. Scrapbookers also can incorporate their own digital embellishments, such as clip art, to make their scrapbooks' content unique. Some of the easiest scrapbooking tools offer a drag-and-drop function that allows users simply to guide an item where they would like it to appear in the online scrapbook.

Those who try digital scrapbooking can choose to modify their photos by using photo editing software. Some online scrapbooking websites can have basic photo editing tools. Scrapbookers also can have the option of adding videos and music to complement pictures.


When done creating a scrapbook, a scrapbooker might be presented with the option of printing all of the page layouts. This can be done at home or at a photo lab. A great benefit of making an online scrapbook is that the scrapbooker can print out as many copies of the layout pages as he or she pleases. The scrapbooker also can download the layouts and send them to others via email or post links to them on social networking websites so that friends and family can see them.

There are significant advantages to creating an online scrapbook. Besides saving materials, an online scrapbook can make it easy for a creator to change different elements. Digital scrapbooking means that pictures, journaling, themes and embellishments can be added, deleted or modified with the click of a button. Time and money can be saved, because digital scrapbookers won't be forced to spend money on materials or hours on physically putting together a scrapbook.

Scrapbookers who are new to digital scrapbooking would do well to look for online scrapbooking tools that provide tutorials. Many online scrapbooking services are self-explanatory, but it can help to have tutorials or frequently asked questions (FAQs) sheets to guide the online scrapbooking process along. This is especially true of online scrapbooking tools that incorporate media such as videos or that offer services such as slide shows.


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Post 2

@raynbow- That is a great idea that not only a young person would enjoy, but one that can be shared with everyone in the family.

Another neat tip for online scrapbooking is to email lots of friends and families so they too can share this unique idea. Not only is it interesting to look at, but an online scrapbook can help keep friends and family members who do not live in the same area in touch.

Post 1

Though online scrapbooks are easy to do and fun to look at, a lot of people still prefer traditional scrapbooks because they like to display them in their homes.

I nice gift idea is to bring the new technology and old idea together by making both. For example, for a high school graduate, you can make an online scrapbook of his or her times in school so it can be shared with friends. In addition, you can put some of the same information and pictures in a traditional scrapbook for a lasting memento that will get more and more meaningful to the graduate as the years pass.

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