What Is an Onion Bhaji?

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Popular in the United Kingdom, onion bhaji is a spicy fried onion dish of Indian origin. Often served in Indian restaurants, onion bhaji combines spices, flour, and sliced onion to create a fritter-like appetizer or snack. This dish is frequently served with a mango chutney or yogurt-based dip.

Usually chickpea flour, also called gram flour, is used in onion bhaji. All-purpose flour can be used instead, however. Spices such as chili powder, coriander, cumin, and turmeric are also normally included. Other seasonings, such as tikka masala paste, lemon, or mango chutney, are added to the mixture in some versions as well. To moisten the onions, which is essential for the flour mixture to stick to the onions, beaten eggs or water are most often used.

Large yellow or white onions are normally chosen when making onion bhaji. The onions are first peeled and then are normally sliced into strips or rings. Some versions roughly chop the onion, leaving strips mostly whole in order to vary the texture.


Onion bhaji is prepared much like fritters. The ingredients are all combined to create a thick mixture, which is normally more paste-like than batter-like. The dry spices and flour may be first sifted together then combined with the rest of the ingredients or everything but the flour may be mixed together. Water, or flour and water if flour was not yet added, is stirred into the mixture to create the finished batter. Alternatively, the onion slices can be added to beaten eggs, then the rest of the ingredients are mixed after the onions are thoroughly coated.

To cook, spoonfuls of the mixture are dropped into hot vegetable oil and fried. Depending on the depth of the oil, the bhajis may need to be turned half way through cooking. Once golden, they are removed from the oil and allowed to drain on a paper towel before serving. Onion bhaji is quick to make, with cooking times of only a few minutes per batch.

Eaten as either an appetizer or a snack, this dish is often served with a dipping sauce or a chutney. A yogurt-based dipping sauce, usually called raita, is frequently used. Raita can be purchased premade, or a homemade yogurt sauce can easily be made instead. For example, combining plain yogurt with mint sauce creates a tasty compliment to onion bhaji. Additionally, although mango chutney can be included in the bhaji mixture, it is more often served as a side.


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