What Is an Onion Bagel?

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Bagels are a round bread with an opening in the center. An onion bagel is simply one that has tiny bits of onion added to the top of the dough before baking. This bread that is slightly crisper than other bagel varieties. Making bagels can be done by hand or with the use of a bread machine. Different bagel spreads or even meat is often used to fill onion bagels.

Sweet varieties of white or yellow onions are normally used to make an onion bagel, as they do not typically have an overpowering taste. Onions are normally diced and then sautéed in butter or oil until they are golden brown. They are then placed on top of the dough before the bagels are put in the oven.

Flour, yeast, and eggs can be added to a bread machine and then mixed to form dough., which is then shaped into a circular form to create an onion bagel. Cooks might also mix the ingredients together and allow the dough to rise before baking. Butter or oil can be brushed on the top of the mixture before baking to soften and flavor the dough as it cooks. Bagels should be baked in a hot oven for around 15 minutes or until the dough is no longer soft in the center.


The top of an onion bagel is usually somewhat hard, and the onion flakes may add a crunchy texture to this bread. This bagel variety is somewhat firmer than other types of bread are on the inside, but is not usually difficult to chew. On the bottom, this food is typically firm yet not hard or crunchy. One of these breads is normally golden brown on top, a lighter shade of brown on the sides, and the onions may appear to be dark brown.

An onion bagel can be eaten alone either toasted or untoasted. This bread could also be used to make a sandwich, and some ideal fillings could be meat salads, luncheon meats, or cheese. Cream cheese or a vegetable-based spread might also be a nice choice for this food. Sweet spreads such as jelly or honey are normally not recommended, as the sweet flavor of these condiments does not normally pair well with the somewhat spicy flavor of an onion bagel.


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