What is an Occupation?

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The basic premise of an occupation is a type of work or job that may be found in a number of different types of work or industries. Occupations focus on positions that require skills that may be used in a number of different work settings, allowing the individual with that skill set to move with relative ease from one industry to another as the need arises. Here are some examples of how occupations cover a great deal of employment ground, both with hourly jobs and with salaried careers.

Many people claim an occupation that is involved with clerical services. The range of skills that are required for this type of occupation generally includes basic computer knowledge that includes familiarity with basic word processing programs. In addition, the ability to type at a relatively fast rate is very desirable. Attention to details, such as language, punctuation, and sentence structure is also very important to the success of a clerical employee.


Organizational skills that allow the employee to effectively keep up with schedules, maintain a workable filing system for hard copy documents, and in general be an effective support to management round out the essentials for clerical employment. Since just about every company functioning in any industry would need someone with expertise in these areas, a person with solid clerical skills could easily find office work. This means an individual whose occupation was previously that of administrative assistant to a textile executive could easily move on to being an executive assistant to the manager of a telecommunications facility, with minimal industry education needed.

The sales occupation is an example of an occupation that easily translates into different industries as well. An effective salesperson will possess a basic skill set that includes drive, determination, strong communication skills, and a solid knowledge of the product or service. A good salesperson can learn a product line in a short time, and then employ the same skills as in previous sales settings, and rapidly begin to build a client base. Whether selling shoes at a local store or promoting the use of the latest in international communications, the skilled salesperson is an asset in any industry.

Being well versed in an occupation that is based on marketable skills is an essential in order to maintain steady employment. When one industry begins to falter and experience reductions in the local work force, many persons can simply move to another setting and continue to do the same type of job or career, just in a different industry and with minimal adjustment.


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Post 6

An occupation is just not a job, but a source for you to build yourself.

Post 4

Cafe41 -I have to say that an excellent book for anyone working in the sales field is “The Silva Mind Method” by Jose Silva.

In this book Silva shows the reader how to change their perspective regarding rejections which is the number one reason people fail in sales.

He explains that in order to succeed you have to expect rejection as a part of the job and he went on to say that you should quantify it to help your performance.

For example, he said on average that for every ten calls he would make he would get one appointment. That meant that he got nine rejections on average.

He went on to explain that if

a sales person adjusts their thinking to expect these nine rejections they will work faster to get to the 10th call which would lead to an appointment.

This really takes the personal feelings out of the equation and makes you realize that rejection is part of the job which makes many sales people become motivated again and go on to achieve measurable success in this field.

Post 3

Bhutan- I wish I had done that before I entered college. It is surprising how many occupations in the medical field offer such high salaries for such little training.

As attractive as those job prospects are some people have no interest in the medical field and should probably consider something else.

Talking to a career counselor or taking a Myers-Briggs personality test can offer you insight as to which professions you would be best suited for.

For example, an occupation that is easy to enter and highly lucrative is sales. But in order to be successful in sales you have to have an outgoing personality and generally enjoy talking to people. You also have to be driven enough to work past the rejection that you will receive.

This type of person would be considered extraverted on the Myers-Briggs test as the answers would be categorized with mainly E answers.

Post 2

Moldova-Wow that is really a great salary for only two years of educational training.

I also think that a dental hygienist is a great occupation that offers a lot of job opportunities with a nice salary to go along with it.

According to the BLS occupational site, a dental hygienist earns an average of $64,000 a year with the highest earning $94,000 a year.

This is another field that only requires two years of training so it is a good idea to look at the an occupational handbook in order to narrow down some more potential choices for yourself if you are not sure what you want to do.

Post 1

It can be really difficult deciding which occupation to pursue. I believe that the occupation that you choose should promote your best skills and it should be something that you enjoy.

It should also pay well enough for you to sustain yourself or otherwise you will be miserable.

Anything involving the medical field is an excellent choice because there are shortages in a lot of areas and the compensation is above average. You really can get information on the various health occupations in a any general occupation handbook.

For example, an ultrasound technician requires an Associate’s Degree that includes a one year externship.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for an ultrasound technician is $62,000 with some earning as much as $82,000 a year. In addition this field is expected to grow about 19% in the next seven years.

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