What is an Laser Neck Lift?

A laser neck lift is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of the neck, throat, and chin. This procedure can be done to reduce the severity of a double chin, get rid of unsightly jowls, and eliminate turkey-like wattles around the neck. This elective procedure is done using a fine laser to restructure the chin, throat, and neck and restore elasticity and tone in those areas. It may significantly improve the patient's self-image, but it typically does not have any medical benefits.

The procedure is done to correct perceived problems in the neck, throat, and chin. These are mobile, flexible areas that often age more rapidly than the face and body when the muscles and skin lose elasticity from regular use. Another reason someone might choose a laser neck lift is that she has recently lost weight and has excess tissue in the neck and chin. A double chin is common among overweight people, and this surgery can give a dramatic appearance of lost weight.

The laser neck lift should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgery uses a thin laser beneath the skin to destroy fat cells and promote skin tone. The procedure is usually conducted as an outpatient surgery in the plastic surgeon's office. A laser lift takes about two hours under a local anesthetic. Patients often see fast results during the first week of surgery and continued improvement in the following two to three months.

Due to it being a relatively simple surgery, laser neck lift patients may return to their normal routines the day after the procedure. Some may chose to take a few more days for recovery. Patients will initially experience soreness, bruising, and possibly discharge from the laser insertion location.

After the surgery, patients will be given a tight, elastic garment to support the neck during recovery. The risk of complications for this surgery is similar to other laser procedures and those associated with use of anesthesia. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will reveal individual benefits, risks, and expected results on a case-by-case basis.

Neck lift surgeries are often performed alongside other cosmetic surgeries of the face and head. Since the desired outcome of the laser neck lift may take multiple surgeries, the cost of laser surgery varies between $1,000 and $5,000 US Dollars (USD). Traditional liposuction or cervicoplasty to remove excess tissue from the neck area usually costs between $5,000 and $8,000 USD and has a longer recovery period.

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Post 4

Has anyone here ever had a laser neck lift? I want to get one very badly, but I am curious about how much pain I will be in and how long it will be sore.

I recently lost fifty pounds. Before I went on my diet, I had a plump double chin. Now, I have a thinner one, but it is still apparent. It looks really out of place on my lean body now.

I can only take two weeks off of work. If I will be in much pain for longer than that, I won't be able to do it. I am willing to give up my vacation to do this if I can recover in that short amount of time.

Post 3

@Perdido – Neck lifts can really have a dramatic effect when it comes to shaving years off a person's appearance. However, face lifts tend to look more fake.

I have seen several people who have had face lifts around their brows, mouth, and ears, and their faces often look like they are pulled too tight. Celebrities who have had face lifts look quite plastic, and they develop cat eyes sometimes.

Neck lifts alone look great, though. They don't make the skin look like it's been stretched to the maximum, and if you didn't know the person before the surgery, you probably wouldn't even know they had ever had a neck lift.

Post 2

When a new plastic surgery facility opened up in my town, they had a contest where the winner would get a free face and neck lift. That person would then serve as their spokesperson in advertisements, and they would have their face plastered on billboards as a before and after exhibit.

A lady who looked really run down and tired ended up winning. She said that she had raised four kids all by herself after her husband died, and she worked two jobs. This strain had caused her to age rapidly.

She looked amazing after her face and neck lift, and this wasn't photo retouching, either. I saw her in the grocery store, and the results of her surgery amazed me.

Post 1

My mother-in-law lost one-hundred and eighty pounds after getting gastric bypass surgery. She had become obese, and though she knew she would need additional surgery after the procedure to tighten up the loose skin, she felt it was worth it.

Her neck looked terrible after she lost the weight. As soon as she got down to her goal weight, she scheduled some laser neck lift surgery.

After this procedure, she looked normal again. Actually, she looked younger than she had before, because everything tightened up around her neck.

She will probably have her excess abdominal skin tucked next. She wanted to get the neck lift done first, because that area is exposed and more noticeable.

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