What is an Ironing Board Hanger?

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An ironing board hanger is a bracket or device that stores an ironing board when it is not in use. Some of these devices are designed to hold an independent ironing board that can be removed for use. Others are wall-mounted ironing board units that fold down when used. Both types of ironing board hanger come in a range of qualities and building materials. In most cases, a contractor or other professional is not needed for installing an ironing board hanger—it can be a do-it-yourself project.

Some models of ironing board hanger attach to a wall or door to save space in a cramped laundry room. Ironing board caddies are versatile units that include space to store a laundry iron and ironing products. They are usually made of wood or steel and attach to the desired surface using screws or brackets. Installation of this type of unit is usually relatively simple. In cases where the space-saving feature of a wall-mounted ironing board is not necessary, this may be a better choice, as the ironing surface can be replaced easily.


A wall-mounted ironing board is another type of ironing board hanger. These units often include storage doors to hide the ironing board when it is not in use. Since ironing boards are large, unattractive devices, this device is often used when an ironing board must be stored in a small home or apartment with no dedicated laundry room. Installation is more complex than an ironing board caddy, and its large and unwieldy nature may require two people to do the work. Installers should take care to ensure there is an electrical outlet nearby.

When purchasing an ironing board hanger, consumers should consider which of these devices best suit their needs. They should also be aware of quality and the type of materials used in the unit, as low-quality hangers may break and cause damage to their mounting surfaces. Buyers should measure their available space before shopping for this device. Wall-mounted ironing boards can be full-sized or may be smaller than a standard ironing board.

The caddy-type units that hold a stand-alone ironing board typically cost between $10 US Dollars (USD) and $30 USD. Wall-mounted ironing boards are more expensive than caddy-type models because they include the board and possibly a cabinet. They are sold for $100 USD to $300 USD. The variation in prices in this model accounts for cabinet versus board-only designs as well as material and manufacturer factors. An ironing board hanger may be purchased online or at department or home improvement stores.


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