What is an Ionic Pet Brush?

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An ionic pet brush is a battery-operated gadget that generates a stream of positive ions to easily clean your pet and remove smells from its fur. It works by releasing safe levels of ozone, which neutralizes odors, in as little as five minutes. The brush allows you to freshen your pet’s fur without soap, water or chemicals. It can be used on dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits and other furry animals.

This type of brush can also restore softness and shine to your pet’s fur, as well as remove tangles. Most of these gadgets come with interchangeable plates/combs, one for shorthaired pets and another for longhaired pets. Some versions offer a massaging feature to stimulate circulation. When you are finished combing the pet, the accumulated fur and dander can easily be removed from the faceplate.

Although the ionic pet brush is touted to be quiet, the noise level of some brushes may be too much for some pets, so shop around. Generally, these brushes are lightweight, and easy to use and maintain. Costs and features will vary, but most are relatively inexpensive — although they do cost more than most regular brushes. Some models are advertised to offer an anti-shedding feature. Some use AA batteries and others require a 9 V battery, which may or may not be included. Other features include a product warranty and a loop or slot for convenient hanging storage. Some versions feature a low battery indicator and/or auto shutoff.


Users consider the advantages of using an ionic pet brush to include ease of use, the effectiveness in removing a pet’s odor and a long lasting battery. A quick daily brushing can reduce the need for frequent baths for your pet. Dogs and cats with dry skin will especially benefit from less frequent baths and more frequent brushing.


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