What is an Investor Mailing List?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

An investor mailing list is a document containing contact information for individuals, investor groups and other entities that are known to be interested in various types of investment opportunities. Some of these lists are created by providing investors with a means of voluntarily joining the listing. At other time, lists of this type are compiled from a variety of sources and do not involve obtaining permission from each of the investors before including their contact data on the listing.

Investor mailing lists focused on on letters in the past, but today emails are also common.
Investor mailing lists focused on on letters in the past, but today emails are also common.

The data found on an investor mailing list would include basic contact information, such as the name and mailing address of the investor. Today, it is not unusual for the list detail to include email addresses as well. When this is the case, an entrepreneur who is seeking to obtain backing for a new venture may use the list to mount two simultaneous campaigns. One campaign would focus on a direct marketing mailing via post and the second using the investor email list component to manage a campaign using electronic mail notifications.

Other information may also be included in the investor mailing list detail. Some lists will specify the type of investment opportunities each investor prefers to focus on. For example, the detail may indicate that a given investor prefers real estate deals, or prefers to focus mainly on bond issues. This can be especially helpful when attempting to direct the initial contacts toward investors who are highly likely to be interested in the type of opportunity that is currently available.

As with most types of mailing lists, an investor mailing list may be qualified or unqualified. A qualified list only includes investors who have specifically given their permission to be on the listing, and are open to receiving notifications regarding upcoming opportunities. Often, a list of this type is compiled by allowing investors to join an investor mailing list, a process known as opting in. Lists of this type usually provide a means for an investor to get off of an investor mailing list, if he or she wishes to do so.

By contrast, an unqualified investor mailing list is generated by pulling names and contact information from a wide range of sources, with no particular attempt to determine if those potential investors wish to be included on the listing. Care should be taken in using lists of this type, since the postal mailings or emails sent out using this data may be regarded as junk mail and spam respectively, and damage the reputation of the sender within the investment community. While a qualified listing typically costs more to buy, the more targeted listing is likely to generate greater return. In addition, participants on a qualified list may pass on the present opportunity, but still be willing to receive information regarding future opportunities.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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