What Is an Interview Suit?

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The term "interview suit" refers to professional attire that is purchased by someone who is looking for employment to wear during job interviews. Typically, this outfit consists of a matched suit in a conservative, classic color and cut that should last for years. For men, the interview suit consists of a jacket and pants, worn with a button-down shirt and tie. Women have a little more flexibility, and can select a pantsuit or choose one that comes with a skirt, and can express some of their personal style in the choice of blouse and accessories. This type of attire is appropriate for job interviews in most professional fields, but a few exceptions do exist.

Many adults will find that they need an interview suit at some point in their lives. This can include college graduates looking for their first professional job, seasoned employees looking to move up the corporate ladder, and career changers. A person's choice of attire for a job interview can be extremely important, since it influences the first impression he or she gives the hiring personnel. Dressing in an appropriate, professional manner shows respect and the desire to be taken seriously.


An interview suit should be a classic conservative cut that won't go out of style, since professional attire doesn't really change or follow trends. It's important to avoid trendy items that may look dated within a year or two, since that will limit the usefulness of the outfit. The color should be a dark neutral such as grey, navy blue, or black. The suit can be worn with different shirts and accessories to change the look for multiple wearings if there is more than one interview with the same organization.

When selecting an interview suit, it's a good idea to invest in quality items if possible, since they will usually last much longer and result in a lower cost per wearing than a cheaper outfit. Men should purchase a matched jacket and pants. Women can choose between a pantsuit or one that comes with a skirt. If available, a three-piece suit that comes with both skirt and pants can be an excellent choice that will make it easy to create several different outfits. When selecting a skirt, it's important to choose a style that is knee-length or longer, and it's a good idea to sit in it to ensure that it doesn't look unprofessional or expose too much leg.

In most professional fields, such as law, education, business, and finance, the interview suit is the most appropriate choice of attire for the job applicant. In some creative fields, the dress standards may be more relaxed and a full suit may not be necessary, but it's still important to look professional and appropriate. Many people feel that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed in situations where the expected attire is unclear. If in doubt, the job applicant can ask what to wear, which will remove any confusion while showing that he or she cares about making a good impression.


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I'm ok with being presentable, but is it possible that so many people's first impression is based on such outdated and superficial clich├Ęs?

That's when you are spoiled by excessive job demand due to the recession. You have so many applicants that you feel like you can select based on the shallowest criteria and countless applicants will be at your door.

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