What is an Interview Evaluation Form?

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An interview evaluation form is a document that is completed by the interviewer or hiring manager during the interview process for a new job candidate. The interviewer will need to fill out the form during and after the interview, providing answers to specific questions to help assess whether the job candidate is a good choice for the position. Some companies will have a standard interview evaluation form that they use, or there are a number of different templates that may be accessed for free online. The interview evaluation form might include questions regarding care taken in appearance; personality traits demonstrated, such as assertiveness, leadership, or maturity; necessary skills required for the job; knowledge about the position; and education, training, and future career goals, just to name a few.


The interview evaluation form is not typically shown to the job candidate; rather, it is kept and shared as a reference among those making hiring decisions, such as those in the human resources department. The evaluation form is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, it allows the interviewer to make organized notes during the interview, which can make it easier to recall certain facts and impressions after interviewing several candidates. In addition, it allows people who could not be present for the interview to review the form and get a better idea of the job candidate, since most interviews are conducted with just one or two people at most; it also helps document that the interview was conducted in a fair an appropriate manner, should any questions come up later.

Each person who has an interest in learning more about the job candidate can potentially contribute questions to the interview evaluation form. All the questions pertaining to different departments, skills or qualifications can then be asked by one interviewer, and the job candidate's answers can be reviewed by anyone who contributed a question. Even if only one person will be reviewing the evaluation form after the interview, it is still a beneficial tool for evaluating the interview, and for preparing for a second interview if necessary. The form can illustrate areas in which the candidate would need to improve in order to be considered for the job, or areas where clarification is necessary.

Some people also use an interview evaluation form for an exit interview, when an employee is leaving the company. This allows the employee to honestly share his or her experiences working for the company, and make any possible suggestions for changes. The company might then use that information to make adjustments or even just to place the employee's file for future reference purposes.


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