What Is an Interdisciplinary Assessment?

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An interdisciplinary assessment typically involves two or more academic or scientific disciplines when conducting a study. In many cases, these assessments may involve large studies that require mathematical measurements and probability studies. Individuals who have earned PhDs or are currently in PhD programs are often used to complete different activities in an interdisciplinary assessment. For example, a study that involves risk analysis or the effect of human activity on an ecosystem is common for these assessment types. The results may wind up in an academic paper published in a requisite journal related to the topic.

Almost all advanced degrees within several different fields require interdisciplinary assessments at some point. Academic institutions may be the main locations where individuals come together and work on major studies that relate to usually important topics. Current PhDs at these educational institutions typically receive grants or other outside monies to finance each interdisciplinary assessment. PhD students learning in this environment can also help work on studies and learn how to complete future studies. Outside of educational institutions, nonprofit organizations or other community organizations can complete these assessments.


Businesses may have the use for interdisciplinary assessments on certain activities that relate to generating profits. In some cases, these studies may relate to risk management and other economic analyses that relate to the company. If a company does not have the requisite staff on hire for this task, the use of an outside agency may be able to help complete the interdisciplinary assessment. Owners and executives typically have the most interest in these assessments as the results of the studies have overarching goals or purposes in the business. The cost of these studies may be prohibitive in some disciplines, making a truly in-depth analysis unattainable.

A government agency may be another area where an interdisciplinary assessment is necessary to study a topic at great length. Public education and the effects of money spent on classroom content are common studies for some interdisciplinary assessment types. Government agencies most likely outsource the studies or assessments to a third party, such as another government agency or a nonprofit organization. The general public may have more interest in the assessment in order to determine if tax dollars are actually being spent in the best way possible. Other times, the assessment may help a government make a decision or influence the results of a certain part of society or laws in general.


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