What is an Instant Face Lift?

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An instant face lift is an alternative to cosmetic surgery to restore, rejuvenate and lift the facial muscles for younger-looking skin and bone structure. Several cosmetic companies offer non-invasive face lift products designed to clean pores, remove dead skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin. These types of products typically come in kits that include things such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion creams and moisturizers.

Most beauty product manufacturers have products designed to repair inelastic skin, balance and remove discoloration and reduce fine lines on the face. These products often are popular options for consumers because the products are more affordable than cosmetic surgery and pose less risk for people seeking a non-invasive face lift procedure. In addition to cosmetic products, there also are facial toning exercises to evoke a mini face lift appearance without needles or cosmetic surgery.

An acupressure facial has been practiced for thousands of years in China and can help tone skin and lift the face structure. An acupressure facial is an instant face lift that can revitalize facial muscles and can change the shape of the face after several months if practiced regularly. As with cosmetic products, this method is not a quick fix. It is designed to naturally and gradually lift facial muscles.


Instant face lift procedures, such as the acupressure facial, can be practiced at home and as often several times a day. The facial exercises focus on tender and sensitive areas of the face and neck to produce powerful, noticeable results. The most common exercise involves using the middle finger to massage bilaterally around each eye. Organic massage oil or moisturizer will reduce sensitivity and allow for a deeper massage. When practicing facial massage or applying instant face lift cosmetic products, it is important to consult with a medical professional or dermatologist to ensure that the treatment will not interfere with any existing medical conditions.

The instant face lift massage focuses on both the eye area and pressure points on the face. In China, it is believed that wrinkles are caused by a lack of life force energy. This theory ties heavily to the risks of stress on skin and facial structure.


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Post 2

@heavanet- I think that a patient's satisfaction with the results of any type of instant face lift depends on his or her expectations and the amount of facial drooping that is present. While these minimally invasive procedures won't correct extremely saggy skin or deep wrinkles, they will provide a brighter, more rested appearance. Some instant face lift procedures, like microdermabrasion, will also rejuvenate the surface of the skin, resulting in smoother, healthier looking facial skin.

Post 1

Instant face lift options sound great since they don't involve surgery, but do they work? I think that many people would go into having these types of procedures with high hopes, just to be disappointed at the limited results.

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