What is an Infrared Body Wrap?

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An infrared body wrap is a body wrap that uses infrared light to heat the body through several silicone-filled bandages. There are numerous health issues that the wrap can help improve, such as eliminating cellulite, releasing toxins from the body, removal of water weight, and speeding up metabolism. The only place to undergo an infrared body wrap treatment usually is a spa where each session could last 50 minutes and burn up to 1,500 calories, thereby resulting in instant weight loss.

Infrared rays are emitted naturally by the sun and cause an overall rise in heat. When applied to the body, this heat causes the heart rate to increase, thereby stimulating perspiration, faster metabolism, and healthy organ function. Perspiration is the body’s natural way of releasing toxins. The infrared body wrap produces enough perspiration so that skin pores are cleared and leave the skin considerably healthier. When metabolism is sped up, it causes calories to be burned at a faster pace, which can contribute to overall weight loss.

The infrared body wrap can also be used to specifically target cellulite. Cellulite is the rippling effect seen on the skin when there are pockets of water, toxins, and fat stuck beneath the surface. These pockets can be dissolved through sweating, but sometimes the everyday amount of sweat the body secretes is not enough. Forced perspiration directly affects cellulite by allowing the toxin and water pockets to liquefy into sweat.


Depending on which areas of the body someone wishes to focus on, the silicone bandages that emit the infrared rays can be placed on different body parts. Women most commonly prefer to focus on the thighs, abdomen, hips, and arms. On the other hand, men tend to focus on the thighs, abdomen, chest, and arms.

Some people also use infrared body wrap treatments to take care of physical injuries caused by activities. This type of body wrap typically is the only way that heat can penetrate the skin and muscles of the human body and reach all the way to the bone. It relieves pain by causing the muscles to relax and increasing blood circulation, thereby allowing blood and oxygen to flow evenly through the body.

The price of infrared body wraps range from $65 to $150 US Dollars (USD) per session, but it depends on the spa and which brand of wrap the spa uses. Frequency of body wrap use typically depends on a person’s desires and lifestyle. Those who undergo this treatment, however, regularly tend to do it twice a week in order to see better results.


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