What is an Inflatable Igloo?

S. Mithra

An inflatable igloo offers a temporary, weather-resistant space for children playing in the snow and ice. This bubbly structure, shaped like a traditional igloo and colored like white or blue ice, inflates with a pump. It can sit outdoors, indoors, or on water. As if a playhouse met a tent, an inflatable igloo guarantees hours of fun alongside snowmen, sleds, and hot chocolate.

Inflatable igloos may look like the real thing.
Inflatable igloos may look like the real thing.

Purchasing an inflatable igloo will make a great all-weather structure that you can temporarily erect and take down in minutes. The segmented, domed shape of the playhouse will appeal to children's' imaginations as they pretend they are ice fishing, climbing Mount Everest, or racing sled dogs in Alaska.

Just like an inflatable mattress, an inflatable igloo fills with ordinary air from a hand or foot pump. Some kinds come with an opening that accepts an automatic vacuum pump nozzle for faster, easier inflation when near an electrical outlet. A larger, quick-release opening deflates the structure in less than a minute. Roll out the extra air and store the igloo in a durable, cloth carrying case. The walls are constructed of PVC, a kind of vinyl that boasts flexibility and good insulation. Any vinyl patching kit will fix small puncture holes.

An inflatable igloo can be used on camping trips, ski vacations, birthday parties, and snow outings because it is lightweight and easy to set up. Depending on their interior diameter and height, many igloos hold two to four children comfortably. They can sit in a circle and pretend to roast marshmallows, or stand up and discuss a snowball fight. Always keep an eye on playing children. With front and rear arched entryways in the mostly transparent igloo, they should be easy to spot.

Use your inflatable igloo in imaginative ways. Do you miss snowflakes and ice-skating in July? Dig out the igloo and have a winter-themed party with snow cones and furry hats. Introduce the igloo to your swimming pool as a mix between a raft and floating gazebo. Maybe you can add inflatable penguin and polar bear toys. Inside your house, put the igloo in the basement, playroom, or attic, to function as a playhouse.

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