What is an Inflatable Bouncer?

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Follow children's yelps of delight, and they'll lead to a giant inflatable bouncer. These room-sized inflatables are a combination of a ride, game, playroom, and trampoline. They are a dream come true for hyper kids who want to jump to their heart's content without fear of knocking their heads or getting in trouble. Carnivals, fairs, school events, picnics, and birthday parties often temporarily install an inflatable bouncer for a dramatically fun time.

An inflatable bouncer is a great way to for kids to entertain themselves and get exercise either at a local pizza parlor or in their own backyard. Permanent installations can be found at numerous parks, carnivals, fairs, restaurants, and businesses, but can also be rented for temporary, personal parties or special events. Even though this energetic, over-sized toy has all soft parts, always supervise your bouncing children to make sure no one gets accidentally injured.

Structurally, an inflatable bouncer starts out as a rolled up mass of PVC vinyl. A motorized pump plugs into an ordinary, outdoor electrical outlet and begins filling the bouncer with compressed air. Soon, it is completely upright and inflated on a flat surface, like a lawn. The pump will keep it erect with enough pressure that children can jump on the interior platform and get launched into the air. Tethers and stakes keep the inflatable bouncer in place. Mesh sides allow air circulation without letting tots bounce out of the enclosure.


There are also many imaginative themes for an inflatable bouncer. One can resemble a medieval castle, carousel, spaceship, gingerbread house, tropical island, or firehouse. Some are even filled with lightweight plastic balls. Another great accessory is a roof that protects against rain and shields the sun. Their bright, primary colors, and detailed painting complete the thematic package, transporting children to a world of their imagination.

Each inflatable bouncer is rated for weight, usually with a recommended number of children and age range. For safety and maximum excitement, most are usually equipped to handle 4-10 children with a weight range from 200-500 lbs (90-225 kg). Toddlers to 12 year-olds can enjoy themselves, but be sure that children of different ages know how to play in the "bouncie" together cooperatively.


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Do not store your unit outdoors. The sun will fade the color. Also, moisture will set in and cause mold and mildew which if left untreated for a while cannot be removed. I know you are in Texas, but it does rain in the summer occasionally. I would store your unit upright in a location that is protected from the sun and rain. Do not store in a bag that does not allow the bounce house to breathe. This will trap any possible moisture in and speed up molding process.

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How do I store inflatable bouncers? Can I store this product outdoors? I live in Texas with extremely hot weather and I am concerned if I store it outdoors that it will not last.

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