What is an Income Account?

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Income accounts are any type of account that is set up to receive interest from different types of investments, as well as interest generated by credit balances. The term is also used in accounting processes to refer to expense and revenue accounts, making it easier to track profits and losses for a specified accounting period. Individuals, corporations, and even governments often make use of the income account as a means of keeping financial matters in order.

For individuals, a personal income account is an ideal way to keep up with how much return is generated from different types of investments, as well as any interest-bearing accounts, such as certificates of deposit or savings accounts. The idea is that any type of interest income on bank accounts, profits that are in the form of stock dividends, or periodic payments earned from interest associated with a bond issue, are all transferred into the income account. This makes it much easier for an income accountant to identify the taxable income, properly calculate taxes and make sure that the funds are properly accounted for.

Corporations also make use of the income account model. By depositing various types of income into specific income accounts, the process of preparing monthly income statements is greatly simplified. Businesses may maintain separate accounts so that funds generated from product sales are easily distinguished from interest payments on holdings owned by the corporation.


Governments are also known to make use of national income accounts for a variety of applications. Individual departments and agencies often maintain their own income accounts, while some governments also account for the overall revenue generation of the nation with figures compiled through a national income account. The exact process that a given nation will use with this accounting tool varies, depending on the nature of the interest income earned and the structure of financial regulation within that particular country.

While it is possible to make the use of an income account very complicated, the essential function of this resource is very straightforward. As long as specific rules and procedures regarding the use of the account are put in place, there is usually not any question of what type of interest income qualified for placement into a given account. When the account or series of accounts is set up properly, they can make it very easy for the investor or business to quickly ascertain which assets are producing and which are not, and thus simplify the process of making changes to the current investment strategy if necessary.


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Post 2

Having monthly income accounts would make figuring up interest profits a lot easier. I do bookkeeping in a small office, and we don't have a separate account for this. I wish we would get one, though, because it would make my job more simple.

Post 1

This definitely would not be the best account option for me. I hold one savings account and one interest-bearing checking account, but my interest is never more than a couple of dollars a month!

That would just be a sad amount to see in an account. I wonder if there is some sort of minimum that you must have in order to get one of these accounts?

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