What Is an Image Processing Library?

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An image processing library is a software application tool that stores digital images. The library allows photos and images to be manipulated and adjusted according to color, shading, size, brightness, and rotation preferences. Many of these image processing tools also provide templates for creating collage, greeting card, web design, and presentation documents.

There are a variety of computer software applications that function as an image processing library. Some of these applications come as a part of a digital camera package that gives individuals the ability to upload and store images on a variety of hardware platforms. Other applications come built into a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) computing device. Mobile applications allow users to manipulate images directly from the phone and integrate them into other web-based applications and social networking sites.

The main purpose of an image processing library is to replicate the traditional photo album. Image libraries have the capability of not only storing uploaded photos, but organizing them according to albums that are created by the user. For example, separate albums can be created and named according to occasion or vacation destination. An image processing library puts full creative control into the hands of the user, allowing for as many categories and names as he can think of.


Photo gallery software is a popular feature that comes with digital cameras or mobile phones with built-in cameras. Once an image is taken and uploaded, it can be organized into a particular album. These albums can be shared online with others at a private website hosted by the software application. Users can also send individual photos or entire albums to others in their social networks.

In addition to its organization and photo album features, an image processing library will typically allow users to adjust images and photographs. Uploaded images can be cropped and cut down in size. Users might also choose to change the color of the photographs by transforming color photos into black and white or emphasizing a particular shade, such as red or blue. Special effects, such as shading or cartoon themes can also be applied with some applications.

Image processing library software is built in various computer languages, such as Java or C++. The libraries utilize the capabilities of these languages to provide users with additional features and flexibility in image manipulation. Some of these programs involve the use of web browsers and integrate web publishing tools.


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