What is an Iguana Cage?

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An iguana cage is a habitat for a pet iguana that is designed to hold the iguana as it grows and to provide a place for the animal to eat, sleep and climb. An iguana cage will shelter the pet iguana from other household pets that could harm him. An iguana cage also will help the pet become acclimated to its new environment and reduce the stress typically associated with the animal's transportation to its permanent home.

Thirty-gallon (.11-kl) aquariums are good choices for baby iguanas. The aquarium should not be filled with water or contain other reptiles such as lizards or snakes. The ideal cage for a baby iguana has a source of heat such as fluorescent lighting or a heating pad on the cage floor. The cage also should have leaves sprinkled along the bottom, a dish for drinking water and materials such as a tree branch in a corner of the cage for climbing. The lid of the cage should fit tightly and have air holes for ventilation. This size of cage will be only a temporary house for a pet iguana because it will need lots of room to roam as it grows.


An adult iguana cage ideally is 10 feet (3.05m) long and 8 feet (2.44m) high and is constructed of thick glass. These cages are available at pet supply stores or online retailers. Like the baby iguana cage, the adult home will have fluorescent lighting, ideally in each corner of the cage for maintaining a constant and even temperature inside the cage. The adult iguana cage might have a plastic container filled with cool water in one corner. This container will be big enough to hold the pet iguana and give him a place to defecate. It also serves to keep the cage clean and reduce maintenance.

The adult iguana cage will have a larger drinking bowl and sturdier climbing materials. Tree branches often are used for climbing materials in adult iguana cages. This cage also will contain a thicker layer of leaves or bedding material. An adult iguana cage might be placed on a sturdy stand or on a level surface away from vents and drafts.

The iguana cage is designed to give your pet a safe habitat that simulates its natural environment as closely as possible. Having the proper iguana cage is an essential part of owning a pet iguana. A sales associate at a pet store that deals with reptiles will be able to show a prospective owner the different cages available and explain the features of each model so that he or she can choose the cage that is right for his or her circumstances and budget.


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