What Is an Eyeshadow Pencil?

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An eyeshadow pencil can be a convenient item to use when applying makeup. This product is a small wooden stick containing eyeshadow in a powder or cream form. It is available in many different colors, including blue, green, purple, and brown. Applying eyeshadow in this form is done by gliding the end of the pencil over the eyelid and then blending the makeup with a small brush or fingertips.

Eyeshadow pencils resemble eyeliner or lip liner. They are both small or jumbo eyeshadow pencils, depending on their intended use. Small pencils normally have thin tips so they can also be applied as eyeliner. Large units typically have wider ends and are designed to be applied directly to the eyelid.

The type of eyeshadow found in one of these pencils is typically a cream formula, but an eyeshadow pencil may sometimes contain powdered eyeshadow. Both of these varieties generally glide on smoothly and evenly. This makes them good choices because this type of eyeshadow is normally applied without using a brush.

An eyeshadow pencil comes in many different colors. Green, blue, brown, black, and purple are popular choices. Some brands may also contain glitter. Although only one color is available in each pencil, it is acceptable to use more than one shade of eyeshadow pen to create a custom look.


Using an eyeshadow pencil is very easy to do. It is accomplished by gliding the end of the pencil over the top of the eyelid in order to allow the makeup to be released. This does not normally require a great deal of pressure. After applying the eyeshadow, the lines around the edges of the color can be smoothed with a makeup brush, cotton swab, or fingertips. If more than one shade is being used, all the colors should be applied before the eyeshadow is smoothed in order to make sure all the lines are completely blended.

An eyeshadow pencil should be kept clean in order to keep it from developing bacteria. A plastic cap should be placed on the end of the device whenever it is not being used. People should also be careful not to allow the end of the pencil to touch other objects, because this could cause the makeup to become contaminated. Using a pencil that is contaminated could cause the eyes to become irritated or lead to an infection, which could also affect the user's vision.


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Post 2

@Grivusangel -- You know, I like the powder pencils better. Yes, you have to sharpen them, but they last so much longer than the cream pencils do. You can sharpen them nearly to the very end of the pencil, whereas with the cream pencils, you have much less product in the barrel. Powder pencils are a better buy because of this.

I also like the lightweight feel. Cream pencils always feel greasy and heavy to me.

Post 1

I prefer the cream eyeshadow over the powder pencil. The cream is easy to apply with a pencil and if it's a light, neutral shade, you don't even really need a mirror for touch-ups at work and so forth.

A roll up cream pencil doesn't have to be sharpened, so you don't have to worry about it running out when you don't have a sharpener handy.

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