What is an Eyelash Curler?

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An eyelash curler is what it sounds like -- a device used to give the eyelashes a more curled appearance. An eyelash curler is typically only used on the top lashes. There are two main types of eyelash curler: the conventional kind and the newer heated eyelash curler.

The traditional eyelash curler model resembles scissor handles at one end and has a curved curler at the other end. Metal eyelash curlers are the sturdiest and best, and not significantly more expensive than plastic models. The curling end has replaceable rubber pads so that the delicate lashes are not in direct contact with metal.

The curler should be positioned around the eyelashes near the roots, then the handles are squeezed to close the curler. Close the curler slowly to avoid pinching the eyelid. The eyelash curler should be held in the closed position for ten to 30 seconds on each eye to ensure that the lashes maintain the curl.

For best results when using a traditional eyelash curler, use it on clean, mascara-free lashes. Heating the curler with a blow dryer on the lowest setting for about five seconds prior to use can also improve its performance, but be sure not to use an eyelash curler that is uncomfortably hot to the touch. If your eyelashes are not sufficiently curled after the first try, repeat the process. The rubber curling pads should be replaced regularly, at least every two months.


A newer type of eyelash curler features its own heat source. Some heated eyelash curlers are much like traditional curlers, but use battery or AC power to warm up the rubber pad before use, leaving the rest of the curler cool. Many of these eyelash curlers also feature rubber pads that change color when they have reached the ideal temperature. A different heated eyelash curler model requires no clamping, but instead uses a small heated brush to curl the eyelashes. Simply run the heated brush from the base of the lashes to the tip, working from the center of the eye out to the edges.


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