What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

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An eyebrow transplant is a surgery used to implant hair where eyebrows would normally appear naturally. A person may need an eyebrow transplant because his eyebrows are entirely absent or because they are more sparse than normal. For example, a person may need an eyebrow transplant after a burn has removed them or due to hair loss. For this procedure, hair is taken from the scalp, which is referred to as the donor site, and transplanted to the face.

Eyebrow transplants are performed on people of both genders. There’s a variety of reasons why a person may need one. For example, an individual may opt for an eyebrow transplant after experiencing hair loss caused by a genetic condition or thyroid problem. Sometimes a person may have sparse eyebrows after undergoing such procedures as electrolysis and laser hair removal. Burns and traumatic accidents can leave a person in need of an eyebrow transplant as well. Even aggressive plucking can leave a person with less eyebrow than he likes.


When an individual opts to have an eyebrow transplant, he may need to have an entire eyebrow replaced, or he may merely need eyebrow thickening. Either way, the hair that will become part of the eyebrow is taken from the patient’s scalp. Healthy hair is used and continues to grow once successfully transplanted on the face. This differs from natural eyebrow hair that doesn’t grow very long. To keep hair in this area looking normal, a person must trim his eyebrows regularly after undergoing an eyebrow transplant; usually, this means trimming them about once per month.

Plastic surgeons put effort into making transplanted eyebrows resemble natural eyebrow growth. Instead of transplanting an entire strip of hair at one time, they usually transplant hairs singly or in pairs. This typically helps the transplanted hairs to look more natural. The surgeon makes minuscule incisions for this procedure, angling them in a direction that follows the normal pattern of growth. He then places each hair into these tiny incisions.

When an individual undergoes an eyebrow transplant, his surgeon typically implants anywhere from 50 to more than 300 hairs into one eyebrow. The exact number of hairs depends on a number of factors, including the amount of eyebrow hair that is left and how thick and long the patient wants his eyebrows to be. In most cases, the surgery isn’t very long; it can be completed in just a couple of hours. The patient usually receives a mild sedative and localized anesthesia.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- The procedure is painless because they numb the area.

What I'm worried about is what will happen if I forget to trim my new set of eyebrows! They will grow very long like hair, which I'm sure will be difficult to get used to. I guess I will have to make sure that I keep a small mirror and a pair of cosmetic scissors with me at all times!

Has anyone here gotten an eyebrow transplant? Are you having any trouble maintaining your eyebrows?

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I'm not an expert on this topic but I believe the procedure is the same.

Hair transplants involve taking hair from the back of the neck and transplanting them to the front of the head. The same thing is done for eyebrows except that the hair is transplanted to the face.

My aunt got an eyebrow transplant or "eyebrow restoration" as she called it. It turned out great. She did have some eyebrows but they was barely any hair on both sides because she plucked them regularly for twenty some years. When she finally decided to grow them out, they wouldn't grow. Now she has nice, thick, natural looking brows and she loves them.

Post 1

Is the procedure for eyebrow transplants the same as the procedure for hair transplants? Is there pain involved?

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