What Is an Eyebrow Palette?

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An eyebrow palette is used to give added color and definition to the brows. At first glance, a basic eyebrow palette closely resembles eye shadow because it usually contains colored powders in the same type of packaging. The only visible difference is the shape of the brush. Some eyebrow palettes include setting wax, and others even include a brow pencil and brow stencils.

If someone has very light or sparse eyebrows, an eyebrow palette can be used to fill in the sparse areas or to darken the brows. The powder gives a finish that appears more natural and gives a softer look than using a brow liner. Eyebrow palettes may also have powders in various shades. Some have as few as two while others have up to four different shades. Having access to more shades makes it easier to blend them together to create custom colors and natural-looking brows.

A very basic eyebrow palette may be confused with ordinary eye shadow when you first see it, because they look almost exactly alike. The powders are set in the same type of pans used for eye shadow, and the compact-like packaging is also similar. Eyebrow palettes may also include mirrors in the lids of the packaging, much like eye shadow.


Eyebrow palettes usually include special brushes, and generally chisel-shaped brushes are used to apply the powders and setting wax. The chiseled shape of the brush makes it easier to apply the powders in a precise way and helps avoid thick and unnatural-looking lines. Some of these products may include sponge applicators, but these may not be as effective for precision application.

Setting wax, which helps to set the brows in place, is also included in some of the eyebrow palettes available today. This may take care of stray hairs and brows that just won't stay in shape. The powders may also cling to the wax, which may improve the setting power of the makeup, so that these products won't just rub or wipe off. Some palettes include clear wax, but others include pigmented wax.

Some eyebrow palettes also include eyebrow pencils, and this may be useful to someone who is used to a little extra definition. Using a pencil for the finishing touches could help someone define the brow without it looking as if it's been drawn onto the face. This may also be a good option for someone who has very dark or black brows because the powders generally do not come in extremely dark shades.

Brow stencils are sometimes included in an eyebrow palette, and this makes it easy to apply the powders perfectly. If someone is unsure of how to shape his or her brows, using the stencils can make it easier to choose the right shape as well. Applying the powder first makes it easy to see which hairs need to be removed in order to shape the brow properly.


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Post 3

My eyebrow palette is awesome. It has everything I need on the go. It has a small tweezers, eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, different shades of eyebrow powder, wax and a stencil. It even has a couple of light (white/tan) shades to brighten the area under the brows.

It's small too so I can carry it with me in my purse. I like having perfect brows no matter where I am and this type of comprehensive palette was what I needed.

Post 2

@burcinc-- There are multiple shades in an eyebrow palette because most people have a hard time finding a right match. Sometimes eyebrow colors look very different when applied then they do in the palette. There have been many times when I bought what I thought was the right color eyebrow pencil or powder only to be disappointed. The color would either be too dark or too light for me. Blondes and red-heads usually have the most trouble finding the right eyebrow color.

The great part about an eyebrow palette is that one can try the different shades and decide which looks best. Or like the article said, the colors can be mixed together if need for another shade.

Post 1

I don't really understand why an eyebrow palette comes with different colors. I bought an eyebrow palette but I only use one color because that's all I need. The lighter and darker colors have been untouched and when the color I'm using is gone, the rest of the colors will be trashed.

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