What is an Eye Massager?

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An eye massager is an electronic device that may help alleviate headache pain without the use of over-the-counter or prescription pain killers. Typically, the eye massager is shaped like an eye mask with a remote control attached to it. The mask massages the eye sockets, temples, muscles, and pressure points around the eyes.

These massagers are designed to block out light so users can relax and rest their eyes. Based on acupressure techniques, massaging the eye area can increase oxygen to the eyes and brain. Using kneading or rolling compression, along with heat, the device can simulate blood flow and reduce eye fatigue.

An eye massager uses gentle compression to reduce stress in the eye sockets and temples. Air bags gently inflate and deflate against sore areas to help reduce pain and tension. Muscles around the eye sockets are also relaxed with heat and compression to alleviate soreness.

People who use computers daily or read for long periods of time may benefit from using an eye massager. It generally uses a combination of vibration, heat, and compression to relieve tension in and around the eye area. The user can usually determine the length and intensity of the massage by using the remote control.


A timer is usually included so the patient can turn on the machine, set the time, and then relax. Controls commonly also include temperature adjustment and vibration speed. These can allow each user to create a comfortable, effective experience.

Other benefits of eye massage include relief of eye strain, reduced light sensitivity, and improvement of dry, itchy eyes. Since the heat and compression can simulate blood flow, eye puffiness and dark circles may also be reduced. Some users may also experience reduced sinus pressure and pain after using this device.

An eye massager may include speakers that play soft, relaxing sounds or music. In this case, volume levels can also be changed using the remote control. Most massagers run on battery power or can be plugged into a wall outlet. Some models plug into and are powered by a computer through a universal series bus (USB) connection.

Electronic devices such as this can be expensive. Less costly alternatives include hot or warm compresses, additional sleep, and limited time spent in front of a computer or reading. A reduction in time spent playing video games and watching television may also help alleviate eye strain and soreness.

Those suffering from eye tension and soreness can also seek relief through a professional massage therapist. Instead of focusing only on the eyes and facial area, a professional can provide a full body massage. This can encourage total, longer-lasting relaxation.


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