What is an Expandable Cordless Phone?

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Expandable cordless phones are landline communication devices with an enhanced range of use. While all types of cordless phones are functional within a relatively short distance, the expandable cordless phone is able to operate effectively with a wider range. In addition, the base station on an expandable cordless phone makes it possible to connect with several handsets instead of a single handset, meaning that users can enjoy land line service in every room of the home or an office without the need to install multiple phone jacks throughout the structure.

As with any type of cordless unit, the expandable cordless phone system features a central base station. The station is plugged directly into an active telephone jack. A typical base station with this type of setup will feature more than one handset cradle, making it easy to recharge each handset as needed. By positioning the base station in a central location, it is possible to charge and place handsets in several different locations, eliminating the need to hurry to another room in order to answer a ringing phone.


When it comes to range, an expandable wireless system of this nature will vary somewhat, depending on the construction and the intended use for the phone. An expandable cordless phone system for the home will carry enough GHz to provide a clear signal even when walking around a large backyard. A cordless phone system for a business may carry a range that makes it possible to receive or make a call even when at the other end of a plant facility or on a different floor from the base station.

Most systems are equipped with all the features found with any type of land line phone. In addition, an expandable cordless phone may include other features, such as the ability to function as an intercom system, monitor different rooms where handsets are placed, and even the ability to utilize answering machines from any of the handsets.

While an expandable cordless phone is more expensive than a standard single cordless unit, the device can be more cost effective than installing telephone jacks in each room and purchasing several single devices. In terms of usability, there is a very short learning curve with most systems, meaning that even the younger members of the household can quickly learn how to use one of the handsets and recharge the sets on the base station.


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