What Is an Excavator Digger?

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An excavator digger is special type of heavy machinery used to dig into the earth to do things such as create trenches and ditches, build roads and erect new buildings. This type of machine is also useful in clearing large amounts of debris and grading the earth for large construction and landscaping projects. Skilled professionals who operate this type of machinery are also sometimes called excavator diggers or simply excavators. Whether referring to machinery or the actual laborer who operates the machinery, an excavator digger is generally used for the purpose of heavy industrial digging and clearing.

Sometimes referred to by different names, such as trench diggers, trench excavators, dredger excavators and foundation excavators, an excavator digger replaces the need for one or more workers to manually dig through earth, rubble or cement to complete a construction or repair project. By using this type of special equipment, companies also save money since this massive machine is able to do the job of several people. Companies that do not own an excavator digger often rent one for special jobs, purchase a previously owned digger or contract the services of a professional industrial excavator digger.


While the primary purpose of an excavator digger is usually the same, several different types of excavators exist and can be used for different job types. For example, a general type of excavator may be used for digging trenches while a different type may be used for excavations that involve electrical construction. It is also not unusual for large construction sites to use more than one type of machine at a time to complete a project.

In addition to new construction projects, using an excavator digger is also helpful for demolition projects. In conjunction with other machinery used to wreck large structures, an excavator helps clear heaps of rubble. Similarly, this type of machinery is also useful in clearing forestry, dredging large bodies of water and in large landscaping projects.

A hammer, a shovel and a grader are the most crucial excavator digger parts and are standard on all machines regardless of their use or purpose. A control panel and wheels made for traction and mobility are also standard parts found on excavation equipment. All of these parts are operated by a trained professional who sits inside of a compartment built into the machine while operating its many instruments and controls.


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