What Is an Everything Bagel?

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An everything bagel is a type of bagel that has been rolled in a variety of different seeds and other toppings before it is baked. The most common toppings on the outside of an everything bagel are sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and salt. Different bakeries may add other types of seeds, herbs, or spices as well. In most cases, this type of bagel is plain on the inside, though pumpernickel or rye everything bagels are also available.

The first everything bagel probably appeared in New York in the 1970s or 1980s. There is some disagreement as to who was really the first to combine bagel toppings into a bagel with everything on it, but each of the claims is from around this time period. Whoever invented them, everything bagels were created by combining a variety of the different toppings that are normally found on bagels.

In most cases, an everything bagel is made with a combination of seeds and dried herbs. The seeds that are commonly used are poppy and sesame, and the herbs are onion and garlic. Kosher salt, which is a large, flaky salt approved for use in Jewish cuisine, may also be sprinkled on the top of these bagels. Other types of seed, such as caraway or flax may also be used on an everything bagel.


Like other types of bagel, everything bagels are traditionally made out of rings of bread dough that are both boiled and baked. The dough is made from wheat flour, water, and yeast, though other types of flour, such as rye, can be used. The dough is allowed to rise and is then shaped into a ring before it is boiled. Boiling bagels helps these bread products to remain soft and chewy in the middle. After they are boiled, bagels are rolling in toppings and baked in a hot oven so that the outside becomes golden and crispy.

Though an everything bagel can be eaten plain, most people slice them in half and spread butter or cream cheese on them before eating them. Everything bagels can be placed in a toaster after they are sliced in half, which will make them crispy in the middle. It is also possible to slice them in half and use the slices instead of two slices of bread in a sandwich, placing meats, cheeses, and vegetables in between the two halves of the everything bagel.


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It is surprising to learn that someone didn't come up with an everything bagel until the 1970s or 1980s. Making one of those that has all the stuff thrown at it makes sense.

The toppings, of course, vary from store to store but the concept is always the same.

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