What is an Enzyme Scrub?

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An enzyme scrub is a skin-care product that is used to cleanse and polish the skin by using both an exfoliant and an enzyme, which is a special kind of protein that works to promote or catalyze chemical reactions. In this case, the chemical reaction is used to dissolve dead skin cells. As an enzyme scrub includes both an exfoliant, which scrubs dead skin cells away from the skin, and an enzyme, it effectively polishes the skin in two ways at once. As the two key ingredients in this product are the exfoliant and the enzyme, it is usually these very ingredients that are featured in advertisements for the products.

There are a number of kinds of exfoliants that can be used in an enzyme scrub. Some exfoliants are created using chemicals. There are also some natural products that use salt, sugar, or the crushed pits of stone fruit as exfoliants. Algae and seaweed are also sometimes used as exfoliants. An enzyme scrub for the face usually uses a very fine exfoliant as rougher exfoliant grains can be too rough for use on the face. Rougher exfoliants are often used in enzyme scrub formulas for the body, especially rough areas of the body such as the hands and feet.


It is very common for an enzyme scrub to be made with fruit enzymes. Some of the most popular fruit enzymes for use in scrubs are enzymes that come from papayas and pineapples. In addition to being used in scrubs, fruit enzymes are also used in facial peels. In both applications, the enzymes work to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin looking clearer and healthier. In addition to causing the skin to look a bit older, dead skin cells can also build up in the pores and cause pimples.

People with sensitive skin might not benefit from an enzyme scrub as this kind of product might lead to redness, swelling, and even breakouts. People with slightly heartier skin can usually use an enzyme scrub about once a week. The product is applied to skin that has been rinsed with warm water and then gently rubbed into the skin in a circular motion. Some products can also be left on the skin for a short period of time before they are rinsed away with warm water. The process of rubbing the product over the skin also helps to boost circulation in the skin, which can help to improve the overall health of the skin.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- I agree with you! The other thing I hate about some scrubs is that they put things like glycerin in it which leaves this weird film on your face after you've washed the scrub off. An enzyme scrub is meant to clean and polish, not stifle your skin and clog your pores!

I think enzyme scrubs with fruit enzymes tend to be a little better in general. They're not too abrasive and the papaya enzyme scrub I have makes my face feel very refreshed and not tight or dry at all.

And you're right, the price does range from medium to high which might be to expensive for some people. But a bottle does last pretty long, in my case anyway.

Post 2

I think finding the right enzyme scrub is kind of a hit or miss. I've bought several that I wasn't able to use at all because it was way too harsh on my skin. Even the ones made especially for the face with small grains can be very drying in general.

And they're not very cheap either, so if you end up getting one that doesn't work for you, you basically wasted that money.

I'm pretty happy with the one I'm using now which was recommended by my sister. I don't really want to advertise the brand but I can say that it's organic and very mild. It doesn't have any perfumes or chemicals in it which are generally the drying ingredients in these products.

So I would recommend getting a natural one if possible and if there's one you're interested in, ask around to see how it worked for other people. Don't waste your money like I did!

Post 1

I tried an organic pineapple enzyme scrub today for the first time. I actually didn't know what an enzyme scrub was when I bought it, I just liked that it's organic and it smells really nice. So thank you for this great information!

Like I said, I've only tried it once, so I can't say anything about how it works long-term but I have noticed that my pores are squeaky clean after using it. My skin also feels very smooth and soft. It was also very gentle on my skin unlike some of the other exfoliants and scrubs I've used before.

I didn't get any adverse effects from it and I have combination to oily skin. I think my face will be okay if I use the scrub once a week.

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