What is an Ensuite Bedroom?

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An ensuite bedroom is a bedroom that has a bathroom facility directly attached to it; a person within that bedroom would not need to leave the room or enter a hallway to reach the bathroom. It is, instead, part of the bedroom. The bathroom contained within an ensuite bedroom will vary in size and features. This design is common in hotel rooms, and it has become increasingly common in private residences as well. Some ensuite bedroom bathrooms feature a toilet and a sink only, while others feature a toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. Other bathrooms will be more elaborate and feature more amenities.

Larger ensuite bedroom bathrooms may feature closet space, a vanity, closet space, or other extra features. The size of the bathroom will expand with the included features, meaning the bedroom itself will essentially be larger. Larger features are not quite as common as modest ensuite bedroom bathrooms that contain only a sink, toilet, and bath. The design, however, is limited only by the builder's budget and imagination; homeowners can include as many features as they please, as long as the project fits their budget and the space constraints of the home.


The ensuite bedroom is often known as the master bedroom, though not all master bedrooms will feature an attached bathroom. Some master bedrooms are bedrooms only, and one must leave the room entirely to reach a bathroom that is shared by inhabitants of more than one room in the house. A master bathroom is the largest bathroom in the house and features all the necessary amenities for cleaning the body. A toilet, sink, bath tub or shower, and mirror are almost always included in a master bathroom. The floor and walls of the bathroom are made from materials that are resistant to water damage as well.

In hotels, the rooms are generally designed as ensuite bedrooms. The bathrooms are usually part of the larger room, though they are contained within their own four walls to allow for privacy while bathing or using the toilet. In some hotels, the sink and vanity are outside of the bathroom itself, while the toilet and shower are contained within the bathroom exclusively. This allows more than one person to use the different facilities generally contained within a bathroom at the same time. One can use the mirror and sink, for example, while another person is using the shower inside the bathroom.


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Post 2

Many homes that are designed for families with small children have two bedrooms that have a bathroom in between them. Having an en suite bathroom like this really makes it convenient for the kids and the parents. It is easily accessible for the kids and one less bathroom a parent has to keep clean.

Bathrooms don't seem to be nearly as important to kids as they are to moms, so the less you have to keep up with, the better. I like having my own bathroom not only for the privacy, but so I can decorate it the way I like and not have pink curtains or a shower curtain with colorful fish on it.

Post 1

It is always nice to have your own private bathroom attached to your bedroom, but especially nice when you have company that stays over. That way you don' t have to worry about waking other people if you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Another advantage is that it is much easier to keep clean than if you have to share it with the kids. Most homes that are built with master bedrooms have this kind of set sup, and once you get used to it, would be hard to have it any other way.

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