What is an Energy Orb?

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An energy orb is a simple technological device that can alert a subscriber when the amount of usage on a power grid is about to reach a critical level. Many utility companies around the country make use of energy orbs. Two examples are Pacific Gas & Electric of California and Southern California Edison. Here is some information about how an energy orb functions, and why the use of the orbs is growing across the United States.

The PG&E model of energy orb is manufactured by a company named Ambiant Devices. Essentially, the energy orb is based on the transfer of data from a source to a point of termination. The same type of technology can be used to get the current status of stocks on various stock markets. In fact, the PG&E issued model of the energy orb will allow reprogramming to obtain that sort of data. However, for purposes of energy tracking, the orb will let a subscriber know when the power grid utilized by the utility is reaching a certain level of usage. This allows the subscriber the chance to turn off electrical devices that are not necessary, thus easing the strain on the grid’s production capabilities.


Using an energy orb as an energy tracker is one way of alerting subscribers that there is an increased chance for the grid to become overloaded, which would result in outages at various points along the grid. By making consumers aware of what is happening in a real time fashion, customers can take steps to curtail their own usage during these potentially critical moments, and thus lessen the chance of everyone losing power for a few hours or longer.

Since many of the country’s electrical utilities rely heavily on the use of water to manufacture electricity, a grid system may be weakened when droughts and other factors inhibit the ability of the system to produce and distribute electricity to all customers. As a method of allowing consumers to monitor their own usage and voluntarily cut back on the amount of power they consume in their homes and places of business, the energy orb can be considered both a practical as well as a green solution.

Choosing to cut back on energy consumption during critical time periods can make it possible to avoid periods where there is no power available at all. This means fewer chances for power to be interrupted to such facilities as nursing homes or hospitals. Monitoring with an energy orb and responding according to the current status may also mean the difference between dealing with a hot day or being able to remain reasonably comfortable in spite of the heat.


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