What is an Energy Field?

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The term energy field is used to describe a ubiquitous, or universal, energy that surrounds all living things. It is more commonly called an aura. Though there is no scientific proof of its existence, many practitioners of alternative medicine and diverse spiritualities refer to this energy field as the universal energy field (UEF). According to the theories associated with the existence of this field, all matter is composed of energy; therefore, the human body is composed of energy known as the human energy field (HEF).

The human energy field is theorized to be composed of numerous, intricate combinations of energy patterns which have a direct influence on an individual's emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Sums of these energy patterns, also referred to as vibrations, are unique in their makeup and help to define each individual's character. The continuous movement of these patterns are suggested to manifest as colors that are indicative of specific feelings and emotions. The brightness of these colors, in turn, represent the intensity of the feeling.

In Indian alternative medicine, the energy field is discussed in terms of chakras. The human chakra system is comprised of seven major chakras and numerous minor chakras. The seven major chakras are evenly spaced from the top of the head, or crown chakra, to the base of the spine, or root chakra. It is believed by many practitioners that the chakra system is responsible for every aspect of an individual's well-being. Each of the major chakras vibrates, or spins, at its own rate and is associated with a unique color and aspect of the individual. A disruption of the chakra system occurs when the energies become unbalanced and can manifest physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The energy field is also discussed in relation to energy meridians. These meridians are speculated to be routes by which internal energy travels throughout the body to support the functionality of all the body's major and minor systems. Along each of the routes are specific points that are utilized by acupuncturists to rebalance the body's energy flow and restore health to the individual.

The human energy field can also be explained by way of the five-layer body system. The system holds that there are four layers that radiate out from the physical body which is considered the first layer. The etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies build on one another to radiate out nearly one foot from the physical body. The combination of each of the layers is what makes up an individual's character including personality, belief systems, and consciousness.

Energy healing is sought when a disruption of an individual's energy field occurs. Techniques for restoring energy balance focus on ridding the body of negativity which is believed to impede proper energy flow. Practices such as pranic healing, breathwork, and meridian tapping techniques are usually employed to remove blockages.

Reiki is a centuries’ old healing method that is based on the belief that a universal life force, or energy, is responsible for giving life. When a disruption causes a reduction of this energy, individuals become susceptible to disease and illness. By placing their hands over specific chakras, practitioners of reiki focus on restoring balance to alleviate physical pain, reduce stress, and promote healing.

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