What is an Enema Bulb Syringe?

Mary Margaret Peralta

An enema bulb syringe is used most commonly for small volume enemas to fill the lowest part of the colon. Available in various sizes, it is a device often chosen by those who need to use the enema as a way to relieve constipation. The enema bulb syringe is also ideal for people who want a colon cleansing without using too much water or solution. There are various medical reasons individuals use different types of enemas, as they can have a number of benefits.

Coffee enemas may provide relief from headaches and congestion.
Coffee enemas may provide relief from headaches and congestion.

To use an enema bulb syringe, the air is squeezed out of the bulb and the tip of the syringe is placed into a container holding water or solution. The enema bulb is then released, and it fills with the liquid. An enema is administered by inserting the tip of the enema bulb syringe gently into the rectum and squeezing the solution into the bowels. Usually, two to five bulbs of solution or water will be used before the person having the enema has a bowel movement.

Enemas may be used to relive chronic constipation.
Enemas may be used to relive chronic constipation.

There are different solutions used in enemas, but two in particular are common. Coffee enemas are the most commonly used and the most intense form of enema. They are used to detoxify the liver by emptying the colon quickly so as to increase bile flow, expelling toxins with the bile. Coffee enemas may also give relief from toxic symptoms such as headaches, congestion, pain, and indigestion. Water enemas are also common, and can be used to temporarily relieve constipation.

Epsom salt, which can be used to make an enema.
Epsom salt, which can be used to make an enema.

People use enemas for various medical reasons. They can help relieve constipation in adults, children, and infants, and people with paralysis can make use of them as a way to evacuate their bowels. Enemas are also used to administer medications. Colon cleansing is one of the most common reason that people use enemas. Many people believe that having an enema is healthy and rids the lower intestinal tract of toxins.

There are several potential benefits to enemas. Enemas may aid in stimulating the digestive and immune systems while enabling improved absorption of nutrients into the blood. Colon cleansing enemas, in particular, may strengthen and activate the intestine and rectum as well as the digestive system. Additionally, colon cleansing enemas can improve bowel movements and increase energy levels.

Anyone using any type of enema should do so carefully. Although rare, improperly administered enemas could cause rectal bleeding and injury. Enemas are not recommended for anyone with diagnosed digestive problems, including diverticulitis and Crohn's disease.

An enema bulb syringe is used to perform a cleanse of the lowest part of the colon.
An enema bulb syringe is used to perform a cleanse of the lowest part of the colon.

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@MedicineBall - It was Doctor Max Gerson who first used coffee enemas in 1930. I got a coffee enema to detoxify my gallbladder. I had a severe reaction to something I ate and my doctor told me that it might be that my gallbladder needs detoxed. It worked and now I'm careful what I eat.

I find it fascinating that enemas were world wide back in the days of the Ancient Egyptians -- who had regular enemas. Native Americans, Greeks, the Chinese – pretty much every country. If enemas have been around that long and are that wide spread -- there must be something to them.


I know that coffee enemas are very good for you. Doctors have used them since the 1940s to treat cancer patients. Since coffee enemas clear out so many toxins and cancerous byproducts, why not?

I think that if I ever got cancer, I would try whatever I could -- especially techniques that have been used before and for such a long time. Tried and true methods are better than most new treatments in my opinion.

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