What is an Employer Code?

N. Madison

The term employer code often refers to a tax identification number assigned to a business organization or company. This number is typically used to identify the company on its tax forms and is usually provided to employees on documents they use to file their own taxes. This is not the only type of employer code, however. In some cases, this code is a policy of conduct to which everyone in a company is expected to adhere or a policy an employer must follow. For example, a company may have a code of conduct that includes policies against discrimination and other types of conduct.

Employer codes may discourage signs of affection between coworkers.
Employer codes may discourage signs of affection between coworkers.

In many jurisdictions, there are laws that require employers to file tax forms and other documents in relation to employing others. Since there may be an abundance of businesses in one jurisdiction, keeping track of them all by name may be difficult. Instead, some tax authorities assign employer codes to companies that employ others as well as some other types of businesses that do not have employees. This number is used to identify a company’s tax account and is usually included on tax-related documents that are given to employees. Sometimes this type of code is even visible on payroll check stubs.

Employer codes may include guidelines for proper attire.
Employer codes may include guidelines for proper attire.

In some places, an employer code may be used by all types of businesses, including sole proprietorships. If a sole proprietor has an employer code, he may use it in place of other identifying numbers on tax forms and other documents related to his business activity. The laws regarding these codes and how they are used may vary from country to country, however. For this reason, an individual may do well to learn the unique laws in his jurisdiction before obtaining one and attempting to use it in place of other identifiers.

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Sometimes the term employer code may refer to a policy of conduct an employer has set for its employees. It may include standards for everything from dressing appropriately to avoiding displays of physical affection among coworkers. This type of code frequently includes sections about adhering to a jurisdiction’s laws, such as those that govern discrimination and other behavior that may be unlawful. Often employer code documents also include sections that require employees to avoid engaging in personal activities during work time, such as making personal phone calls or surfing the Internet.

In other cases, an employer code is established in a jurisdiction to create acceptable standards of conduct for employers. This type of document may outline an employer’s general responsibilities to his employees. Likewise, it may include information about an employer’s rights.

Sometimes employer codes are on payroll check stubs.
Sometimes employer codes are on payroll check stubs.

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