What is an Emergency Plumber?

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When the toilet is making funny noises, the water in the sink won't completely go down, or a pipe is spewing liquid everywhere, an emergency plumber is called. Emergency plumbers are professionals who help with situations where something disastrous is occurring with piping or plumbing. He or she deals with problematic plumbing that could prove to be a financial and aesthetic disaster if it is not dealt with right away.

Emergency plumbers are usually contacted immediately by people who have blocked sewage pipes, because a blocked pipe can be messy, unhygienic, and financially costly if left untreated. Depending on the person, a foul odor that is emitted from the plumbing could also be considered an emergency situation. In these cases, an emergency plumber will make sure that toxic fumes are not being emitted and hazardous materials are not trapped in the pipes. A blocked drain is also considered an emergency situation. A drain that doesn't allow a person the ability to clean or cook is considered an emergency that should be dealt with promptly.


Most people understand that if one of their pipes is suffering a leak, shutting off the main valve to the house is the first step to stopping it. Once the water is shut off, an emergency plumber should be able to find and repair the leak. Sometimes emergency plumbers are called into a situation because an unknowledgeable person has attempted to fix the problem themselves, and has caused things to become even worse. In these situations, the pipes may be damaged even further, and repair requires more time.

Holidays are very busy times for emergency plumbers due to the high amount of garbage and other materials that are thrown or flushed down the drain. During holidays, people typically have various relatives and friends in and out of the house that contribute to the plumbing problems. An influx of people can cause major problems to occur in the drain if certain items are not discarded properly in the piping system.

An emergency plumber should also know how to fit and repair piping. Carpentry skills, and knowledge about installing sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and fixtures, are all skills that a good emergency plumber may possess. Emergency plumbers may deal with potentially hazardous and complicated situations, so it's important that the plumber is professionally licensed and experienced. Plumbers spend years gaining knowledge, technical expertise, and hands-on experience so that they can deal with sticky situations with ease.


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