What is an Embedded Debugger?

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For software developers or programmers, embedded debugging is very important. An embedded debugger is code in the program that makes it easier for computer programmers to go through their program and see each if there are any errors, or "bugs," in the code. If there are errors, an embedded debugger will identify where these errors are located and what type of error they are. This makes it easier to fix them.

An embedded debugger is very useful in the computer world, mainly in software development. Programming can be hard enough alone, and when errors pop up, it can be frustrating to find them and to fix them. Going through code line by line can be time consuming and it can be easy to miss errors. That is why an embedded debugger can make a computer programmer’s life a little easier. A good debugging program will find the errors automatically, saving time and allowing the programmer to focus on fixing the bugs.

Just as there are many different computer languages, there are also many different embedded debuggers. Each language typically has its own debugger, such as a JavaScript® debugger, a CSS debugger, an HTTP debugger, a PHP debugger, a C++ debugger, and more. Debugging programs can be built in to the language. If a debugging program is built-in, then it is even easier to use. Programmers can also create their own debugging program for the specific language they are working with, however.


Debugging is an important step in software development. This is because without a debugging process, a program could be rolled out with many different errors. These can include program freezes, complete software crashes, slow running programs, and other errors. Obviously, these problems can make software difficult to use, or even unusable. For this reason, the debugging process must be completed before a program or software can be officially released.

Without a debugging program, computer programs would not be as useful as they are today. Human error does occur — for example, a mistyped word or a forgotten symbol added to a line of code. Using a debugger program gives a computer programmer the ability to detect errors in case something is overlooked in the code.


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