What Is an Electronic Press Kit?

Daphne Mallory

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a package of multimedia materials that is intended to promote a business, service, or organization. The materials can include digital audio and video materials as well as print documents. Whereas a traditional press kit is made up entirely of print materials such as press releases and bios of company officials, an EPK is interactive and can be views on a computer. An electronic press kit is sent to newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations to try to garner media attention for a person or group.

Electronic press kits are sent to radio and TV stations, among other media, to garner media attention for a person or organization.
Electronic press kits are sent to radio and TV stations, among other media, to garner media attention for a person or organization.

Audio clips are a popular element of an electronic press kit. For example, a band will often send an EPK of its album to radio stations in hopes that its music will be sampled and played on the air. This often includes full music tracks or samples that can be played in commercials to promote an upcoming concert. Another example that’s often used is a series of audio soundbites from a company official. Rather than attempting to do radio interviews with every station in a given market or region, an EPK can provide audio clips to the radio stations to save time.

An electronic press kit can also contain videos and photos. This method is often used to demonstrate new products or technologies. A company can provide photographs and videos of the benefits of a new piece of software or a new electronic gadget, for example, in hopes that bloggers and websites will post the video or that television news stations will do a story on the product. An EPK with video and photos can also be used as a digital resume for certain professions, such as modeling or event hosting. Companies will often use electronic press kits in hopes that a new video they're promoting will go viral.

One advantage of an electronic press kit is that it can be sent through email, uploaded to a web page, or mailed to press outlets in DVD form. A packet of paper materials in a traditional press kit may end up in a pile of clutter on an editor’s desk, where it will remain unopened. It’s often much easier to send media outlets an email with a link to an EPK. Another advantage is the interactivity of electronic kits. An editor can listen to the audio or watch a video to make a decision on press coverage without having to read through a stack of materials.

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