What is an Electronic Kit?

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An electronic kit is a collection of components used to build a device that relies on electronics, the science of electronic phenomena. Using voltage and electric current, the kit enables the builder to put together different parts in order to perform some action. This action is sometimes a simple demonstration that the model has been correctly constructed and sometimes a more complex device that can actually be installed and used. The cost of an electronic kit will vary with its complexity and the cost of its components.

Typical components in an electronic kit are a set of instructions, a circuit board, batteries, an On/Off switch, a buzzer, an LED indicator, capacitators, resistors, wires, a relay board, a remote control, a sound-activated switch, and a touch panel. The type of devices hobbyists can build from an electronic kit include alarms, buzzers, amplifiers, radios, microphones, message recorders, robots, computers, timers, Geiger counters, games, and more. Plans are also available without components, for those who already have a wide range of parts.

Sometimes exceptional abilities or elements are needed to complete an electronic kit. Skills needed in working with an electronic kit may include soldering. When building a mobile GPS vehicle satellite-tracking device, Internet or phone access and airtime plans are required for successful operation. Sometimes the finished device, like the GPS device just mentioned, have the option of being self-installed or professionally installed, at the builder’s prerogative.


The electronic kit is a mainstay of science fairs, physics classrooms, hobbyists, and scouting events. Depending on the audience, kits may be partially built or partially programmed or shipped in a modular presentation. Another approach is kits with a wide variety of parts that can be used to make multiple projects.

The electronic business has changed over time in at least three important ways. First, most of the companies that originally manufactured a number of types of electronic kit are out of business or subsumed in other businesses today. Second, instead of their products being found on shelves at retail stores, in the twenty-first century, you’re more likely to locate electronic kits on the Internet. Third, there are some interesting new kits that weren’t available years ago, like the ones that allow you to explore fiber optics.


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