What Is an Electronic Comb?

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An electronic comb is a type of comb that can be used to control live lice infestations on the head. Battery-powered and reusable, these combs offer an alternative to standard lice combs and have the benefit of killing lice on contact. The use of an electronic comb can be combined with the use of a traditional comb, which can increase the success of removing lice eggs from the hair.

Although traditional lice combs can provide exceptional results when attempting to rid an individual of lice in the hair, electronic combs offer the advantage of killing lice on contact. Traditional combs merely remove the lice from the hair and require that the lice be killed separately, usually using water. Many people who buy lice infestation kits with solutions or shampoos find that the combs provided within the boxes do not remove lice very well. Such people can turn to the assistance of electronic combs.

Electronic combs are powered by batteries. When powered on and run through the hair like a standard comb would be, an electronic comb uses the hum of the comb to kill live and newly hatched lice. Electronic combs are reusable, and many people see a significant reduction of lice after seven days of use. In some cases, after two weeks, all live lice have been successfully removed.


Consumers who have experience with lice infestations often compare comb constructions when deciding on one to purchase. Many people find that combs with metal teeth work best when attempting to combat an infestation of lice. Electronic lice combs are likely to have metal teeth and can be preferred over other choices for this reason. They can be sturdy enough to withstand multiple uses in a single sitting and can have the area between the teeth and the handle sufficiently sealed, which can prevent lice and eggs from being placed back into the head during subsequent combings.

Despite the ability of an electronic comb to instantly kill lice when contact is made with them, electronic combs have less of a positive track record when it comes to killing nits, or the eggs of the lice. An electronic comb can be very successful in removing lice, but to fully rid the hair of the presence of lice eggs, combers often must supplement the use of an electronic comb with the use of a standard lice comb. Traditional lice and nit combs are inexpensive and are widely available at drug stores.


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