What is an Electrical Service Technician?

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An electrical service technician services electronic equipment in a wide variety of settings. An individual in this field may work to repair household electronic equipment as well as devices used in business. Often, electrical service technicians are employed by retail companies that sell electronic equipment. Others may be employed by electronic service companies instead. Additionally, there are some electrical service technicians who are self-employed and run their own repair businesses.

The job of an electrical service technician may vary, depending on where he works and the types of equipment with which he works. Many in this field work with household equipment, however. For example, a person in this field may service televisions, computer equipment, home alarm systems, home theater equipment, and stereos. Some, on the other hand, may focus on repairing business electronic equipment, including such things as computers, alarm systems, and copy machines. In some cases, a person in this field may service portable equipment that a customer carries into a repair shop; in others, an electrical service technician may go to the customer’s location to provide his services.

Besides repairing electrical devices, an electrical service technician may be called on to perform validation, troubleshoot electrical systems, and debug circuit boards. He is usually expected to be able to read schematics and use the appropriate tools to accomplish the tasks that are assigned to him. This person may perform circuit testing as well.


The requirements a person has to meet to become an electrical service technician may depend on where an individual works and the preferences of prospective employers in his area. In most cases, a person who wants to become an electrical service technician needs a high school diploma or general educational development (GED) certificate. Many aspiring technicians secure training through vocational school programs or by receiving on-the-job training from an experienced technician. Some earn associate’s degrees in related fields. Additionally, there are some employers who prefer applicants who have earned certification.

Besides training, there are some skills and qualities a person will usually need in order to become an electrical service technician. For example, a person in this field will usually need above-average problem-solving skills and good communication skills. Typically, a person in this field needs good manual dexterity, and computer skills may be required as well. Additionally, a person who wants to become an electrical service technician will often need to develop customer service skills.


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