What is an Electric Pedicure?

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An electric pedicure uses electric tools designed specifically to make the task of giving a pedicure easier. The tools may be used by professionals at a spa or salon, or can be purchased as part of an electric pedicure kit to use at home. The kit contains an electric pedicure drill and different interchangeable tips which perform specific functions in the pedicure process.

The user starts the pedicure by trimming her toenails and filing the edges smooth using the trimming disc attachment for the electric pedicure drill. She pulls the current attachment out of the end of the drill and then slides the new attachment in. Once it clicks into place it's ready to use. She then presses a button and the drill starts moving. The tips are designed to be gentle on the skin and have safety features such as an automatic shut-off if the user presses down too hard.


After trimming and shaping the nails with the trimming disc, the woman can apply moisturizing cream to the toenails to soften the cuticles. She may wish to trim the cuticles back with a cuticle remover or use one of the emery discs to gently smooth away rough cuticles on the nail. Depending on the type of toenails a woman has and how rough they are, she may wish to use different attachments for shaping or smoothing the toenail. An attachment meant for shaping the toenail can also help remove cuticles or dead skin as long as the woman does not push too hard.

Before applying nail polish to the toenails, the woman may use the soft brush attachments to smooth the edge of the toenails. She can then use the buffer attachment to add a natural shine to the top of each nail. Buffering the nails helps smooth out the surface and works especially well after rough toenails are smoothed using the trimming disc.

Finally, the woman can wipe off her toenails with a wet washcloth to ensure the surface is clean and apply the base coat of her toenail polish. From there, she continues the pedicure as she normally would, painting the toenails and adding the top coat once the polish has dried. She may also wish to leave her toenails unpainted, or apply a clear coat to protect her nails and add shine to them.

Electric pedicure drills are typically sold in a set with various attachments and may include other tools such as toenail clippers, cuticles cream, or buffing cream. If the kit only includes the drill and attachments, a woman can purchase a regular pedicure kit as well at a cheaper price than she would pay to buy each of the items separately. She should check that the drill comes with a stand for holding the attachments and a charging station if it is not battery powered.


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