What is an Electric Juicer?

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An electric juicer uses a power source to operate machinery that will cut up, grind and mash fruit and/or vegetables to create juice. Juice from an electric juicer can be a revelation for those who’ve always purchased concentrated juice because flavors can be fresh and intense. Not all electric juicers are created equally, and they can range in price from under $100 US Dollars (USD) to well over this amount. Mostly, price reflects the different types of juicers available.

Some types of the electric juicer are single purpose only. Popularity of wheat grass has led to folks buying juicers that are designed simply to produce wheat grass juice. Another common single-purpose electric juicer extracts citrus juice only. Many people prefer using juicers that can juice a variety of fruit and vegetables instead, and these may be called multi-purpose juicers.

These handy machines are also classified by the way that they work. There are three common types of juicers, which are called centrifugal, masticating, and triturating. Knowing how each type's juicing system works can help inform people’s choices on what to purchase.


Centrifugal juicers are usually the least expensive. They feature a spinning basket that grinds up the fruit, creating pulp. They may produce some pulp with the juice or this may remain in the juicing unit, and require cleaning. Juice made with this type can be slightly foamy, which might be a concern. Centrifugal juicers also do not tend to work with certain types of green vegetables.

Masticating juicers run slower, and actually in juicing, a slower running machine is more desirable because it produces less foamy juice. These juicers work by grinding the food into a pulp. They may be more effective at getting juice out of foods than centrifugal types, but like centrifugal juicers they also don’t work with certain leafy green veggies.

Lastly, twin gear or triturating juicers work the slowest and grind food between two gears. They are the best multipurpose electric juicers but also usually the most expensive. People who use their juicers all the time for a lot of different fruit and veggie juices may want to seriously consider the twin gear electric juicer because they are generally considered superior to other types.

There are many brands of electric juicers available, but before purchasing any of them, people may want to figure out how they want to use their juicer. A centrifugal type may be great for making juice a couple of days a week with softer fruits. It is possible to find some of the pricier electric juicer types used. Many people stop using juicers after a few months and sell them. Check local papers, places like craigslist, and possibly ebay for used juicers.


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