What Is an Electric Grill?

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As a popular alternative to the charcoal or gas grill, the electric grill has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of decades as being an efficient and safe way to grill all sorts of foods. Here are some facts about electric grills, including different types and how to get the most from your grill.

As a cooking device that uses electrical heating elements instead of gas fires or a bed of hot charcoal as the heat medium, an electric grill provides quick and easy options for enjoying the taste of grilled food without a lot of the mess. Constructed with a grate that is located just above the electric heating elements, many types of the grill have a drip pan located underneath the elements to catch any juices that run off meat and other items during the grilling process.

Other types of grills will incorporate a grate that has deep grooves in the construction. Since the grate is positioned at a slight angle, the juices run into a channel and down to the drip pan. Typically on just about all models the drip pan is detachable, so the drippings can be used to make gravies and sauces to go with the grilled items.


It is possible to purchase an indoor electric grill, as well as an outdoor model electric barbecue grill. Many of the indoor grills are smaller and can actually be placed on the stove top for use or even on a counter or table. This type of grill can be ideal for persons who live in an apartment and may not have access to a back yard. Outdoor electric barbecue grills come in several sizes.

For people with plenty of space and who love to cook in the backyard, there are grills that will easily prepare meat and vegetables for twelve or more people at one time. At the same time, anyone with a small patio or deck can get stand alone grills that will take up very little floor space and still grill plenty of food for three to four people at a time.

One of the advantages of the electric grill is that the units can be plugged directly into an outlet. There is no need to remember to pick up charcoal before you can grill. Also, the grill is much easier to store during the winter months. Unlike the gas grill, which will require someone disconnecting the fuel source and then making sure the gas jet is properly sealed, simply unplug the grill and wheel it into the storage area. Many models also have the self-cleaning feature found on kitchen ovens, which makes the process of cleaning the grill much easier as well.

Various types of the electric grill can be found at most home supply stores and general retail stores. Depending on the size and number of features you want for your grill, the price may range from little more than a good quality charcoal grill to the same cost as an indoor oven and range. With a grill to fit just about every budget and every space, it is easy to enjoy the taste of your favorite grilled foods whenever you like.


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I just built a deck onto my house and I decided to install an electric grill because my development does not allow charcoal or gas grills. I had the Woodlands electrician from MisterSparky-Houston come out and do all the electrical and lighting to make sure everything runs perfectly.

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