What Is an Electric Callus Remover?

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An electric callus remover is a handheld device that can be used to sand off the calluses that form naturally on the feet or hands. These devices are typically used on the soles of the feet, but they can also be used on any other patch of rough skin. Sanding off the thickened patch of skin with an electric callus remover makes the skin smoother and softer. Though these devices can be safely used to remove calluses, if the cause of the callus is not addressed, the skin will begin to thicken again as soon as the callus is removed.

Many different companies make electric callus removers, so these devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of these devices fit easily in the palm of the hand and run on batteries. An electric callus remover that needs to be plugged into a wall socket is more cumbersome to use than one that runs off of batteries because the device must be turned frequently as it is moved across the skin.


A circular file at the end of the electric callus remover is used to sand off extra layers of skin. When the device is turned on, these files spin and gently scrape of the epidermis. The spinning motion of the callus remover allows it to sand a patch of skin evenly. In many cases, an electric callus remover is outfitted with a chamber that is used to collect the skin that it scrapes off. Putting down paper or towels under the skin that is being sanded will help make it easier to clean up the shaved off flakes of skin.

Using an electric callus remover is relatively simple. The device is simply turned on and then pressed gently against the skin. It can be moved around the callused area slowly as the sanding edge revolves rapidly. Pressing one of these devices firmly into the skin can make it less effective. They should only be used on thickened skin because sanding off the outer layer of non-callused skin can expose the delicate dermal layer below the protective epidermis.

While there are no health risks associated with using an electric callus remover, these devices will not prevent calluses from returning. Most calluses that form on the feet are caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. If a person continues to wear shoes that place a great deal of pressure against a certain part of the foot, a new callus will begin to form as soon as the old one is removed.


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