What is an Eisner Award?

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An Eisner Award is awarded to workers in the comic book and graphic novel industry. The Eisner Award is named after Will Eisner, a longtime writer and illustrator of both comic books and graphic novels. In the early 1980s, the comic book industry recognized contributors to their art form with the Kirby Awards. However, the Kirbys were short-lived, and the organization supporting the Kirby Awards disbanded in the mid 80s. Still feeling the importance of recognition of the graphic novel and magazine, many professionals came together to support a new organization, and yearly many in the industry are now honored to receive an Eisner Award.

The first nominees for an Eisner Award were artists and/or work published in 1987, with an award ceremony in 1988. Since that time, many have received an Eisner Award, given out annually in a number of categories. Currently, approximately 30 awards are given each year. One can win an Eisner Award in the following categories:



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