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Ecopreneur®, a term trademarked by Ecopreneur®, LLC, is a portmanteau of “ecological” and “entrepreneur.” An Ecoprenuer® is an entrepreneur who is focused on ecologically-friendly issues and causes, attempting to do business in a way which benefits the environment. The trademarked term can refer to people who provide ecologically-friendly goods or services. An Ecoprenuer® may focus his or her business on any of a range of environmentally friendly products or activities including recycling, building green spaces, or he or she might produce an environmentally-focused magazine.

While Ecoprenuer® is a trademarked term, we can also talk about this line of business more generically. Many ecologically-focused entrepreneurs have established very comfortable niches for themselves, developing extremely profitable companies and ventures which also benefit the environment. In response, some regional governments have created incentives to attract these entrepreneurs to their areas, recognizing the value of ecologically sound business.

A business which is ecologically friendly is known as a “green business,” and in the early 21st century, green businesses began to experience exponential growth. Many consumers grew more aware of environmental causes as organizations and governments tried to raise concerns about the health of the world's environment, and enterprising businessmen jumped to fill the desire for green business. Many consumers are willing to pay at least a small additional cost for products and services which they think are better for the environment, thanks to widespread discussion of environmental problems.


Some ecologically-focused entrepreneurs started out very small, with minor projects designed to help the environment because they were genuinely concerned. Some examples of such ventures include municipal composting facilities, recycling companies, green landscapers, and eco-friendly building and home designers. Other established businessmen who recognized the potential for growth in the green business sector took advantage of an increasing ecological focus, creating new firms and reshaping existing businesses along green lines.

Many people believe that an ecologically-focused entrepreneur represents the best of the business world, finding a way to support him or herself while also helping the environment. The success of green businesses has also provided a workable economic model for preserving the environment, proving that it is economically sensible, sound, and profitable to care about the environment. An ecologically-focused entrepreneur who fills a unique niche like the need for biodegradable packaging can set the bar for future companies in the industry, showing companies how they can develop ecologically friendly factories and business practices.

Becoming an ecologically-focused entrepreneur requires the good business sense common to all entrepreneurs, along with a passion for and an interest in the environment. Some ecologically-focused entrepreneurs come from scientific backgrounds, using their training in environmental issues to help them solve problems and market their solutions to consumers. Ecologically-focused entrepreneurs must also be good at public relations, establishing good relationships with potential consumers and investors and working with government agencies to make green business sustainable, practicable, and beneficial to all involved.


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Very nice article. I hope all businesses and entrepreneurs are concerned about the health of our environment to support him or herself while helping our environment. That article is very motivating.

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