What is an Eco Spa?

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An eco spa is a type of resort or day spa that operates or was constructed under environmentally friendly principles. Some eco spas will only use organic, natural, Earth-friendly products, for example; others might focus on energy efficient building construction and use, such as using solar panels for power. An eco spa may be part of a resort at which guests can stay overnight for a few days or weeks, or it may simply be a day spa where customers will come for specific appointments for spa treatments. Environmentally friendly businesses are becoming ever more popular, particularly in the arena of health and wellness.

The first step to defining a green, or eco spa, is its construction. This is obviously much simpler for businesses who are literally building from the ground up, but even remodeled buildings can be completed in an environmentally friendly manner. This may involve using sustainable woods such as bamboo, energy-efficient lighting, heating, and insulation, recycled or reclaimed furniture or decor, and non-toxic items such as low-VOC paints. An eco spa might also use natural and non-toxic cleaning products, rather than harsh products that are damaging to the environment such as bleach or chlorine. These are just a few of the many options that can be used for eco-friendly construction and maintenance.


Typically, an eco spa will also be very focused on using natural and organic products for spa services, such as facials, nail care, massages, or hydrotherapy or aromatherapy treatments, just to name a few. These products will typically be free of chemicals that can be both poor for the environment and for one's health. In addition, an eco spa typically also places some emphasis on the way they handle waste and packaging products. Some spas will choose to use only products that come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, for example.

In addition, an eco spa might encourage clients to participate in recycling or composting programs, particularly if customers will be eating meals at the spa; food served may be locally grown and organic. Rather than single-use items such as plastic cups and utensils, an eco spa will generally make use of reusable glass and metal items. Most spas will also filter their own water on the premises, and fill the buildings with plants. These are just a few of the many benefits that can be found at an eco-conscious, environmentally friendly spa; many people find that going to a spa with a holistic approach like this allows them to relax and enjoy their spa treatments more fully, while being sure they are remaining environmentally conscious.


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