What is an Ear Model?

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The term “ear model” can refer to a physical model of an ear, or a person who works as an ear model. Depending on whether one is talking about a replication of an ear or an ear on an actual human being, there are a number of uses for ear models.

In the sense of a replica of an ear, ear models are used for anatomical demonstrations, teaching, patient education, and some less medically-oriented purposes, like displaying jewelry in a retail shop. Anatomical models are often made with pieces which come apart so that the structure of the ear can be demonstrated, and these models may also be used in patient education, and to use the model to show patients what is going on inside their own ears. Ear, nose, and throat doctors often have ear models in their practices, and pediatricians are fond of them as well, as children sometimes appreciate visual demonstrations.

Acupuncturists use special ear models which demonstrate the various points which can be used in ear acupuncture. In addition to being valuable for acupuncture education, acupuncture ear models are also routinely used in practice, and as demonstration tools to show patients where needles are placed, if they are curious about the process involved in ear acupuncture. Models of the ear are also used to display earrings in some jewelry stores, along with accessories like ear buds which are designed to fit into the ear.


When referring to a human being rather than an anatomical replica, an ear model is a model who has exceptional ears. Images of ears are used in marketing campaigns for fine jewelery and a variety of other products, and when advertisements are produced in large size at high resolution, flawless ears are critical. Ear models have ears which are visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing, and they take excellent care of their ears so that they can continue to get work. Ear modeling is similar to hand and foot modeling, other branches of the modeling industry which focus on a specific area of the anatomy, rather than an overall look.

Ear models may specialize in ear modeling, or they may do general modeling and include ear modeling on their resumes. The pay for an ear model varies, depending on the terms of the contract, the nature of the job, and how in demand the ear model is. Unlike supermodels, ear models generally do not become famous outside the industry, although the ears of models who happen to be famous may be used in advertising campaigns.


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