What is an Ayurvedic Facial?

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An ayurvedic facial is quite a different experience from a regular facial. While the intended purpose of getting a regular facial is to cleanse and improve the skin's appearance, getting an ayurvedic facial takes the whole experience a step further and focuses on rejuvenation and transforming life through better health. Ayurvedic facials consist of cleansing, massaging, using heat therapy, and using relaxation therapy. The ultimate goal is to get the lymphatic and circulatory systems optimally functioning so the risk of other health problems is reduced.

In ayurvedic medicine, ailments are treated according to the body's natural method of prioritizing healing. According to this philosophy, it's said that there are seven different priority systems to treat in the human body; ayurvedic medicine calls these dhatus. The first priority system is the lymph system, or the rasa dhatu, and the second is the circulatory system, or the rakta dhatu. Getting an ayurvedic facial will affect both of these systems by treating the lymph system, which will in turn help prevent imbalances in the bloodstream. Imbalances in the circulatory system are known as pathogens, and they can manifest as other problems throughout the body.


When the lymph system becomes congested, toxins can end up being pushed back into the body, carried through the bloodstream, and deposited into muscles, cells, and other organs. As these toxins build up, they can wreak havoc on the system and begin causing damage. During an ayurvedic facial, natural herbs and other elements will be used to detoxify the skin, a combination of heat and massage will help promote circulation and open up the pores, and music or other elements will be used to enhance the patient's level of relaxation. When the treatment is over, the patient may be left with better skin and a healthier system.

Ayurvedic facial treatments can typically be found in spas, retreats, and clinics that specialize in ayurvedic medicine. Occasionally, more mainstream spas will offer ayurvedic treatments on a much more limited basis. While ayurvedic facials can benefit everyone, they're especially recommended to individuals experiencing skin problems such as acne, rashes, and eczema. Even allergies, headaches, and fatigue can be symptoms of a poorly functioning lymphatic system.


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