What is an Automatic Lawn Mower?


An automatic lawn mower roams about the yard cutting the grass, giving you the opportunity to have some fun on the weekend. Also referred to as a robotic mower, it runs on a battery-powered electric motor and resembles a low-profile, compact canister vacuum cleaner, minus the cumbersome hoses and cords. The automatic lawn mower can be programmed to run continuously, or to mow only on specified days and times, and can cut up to nearly an acre on one battery charge.

Conventional push mowers are typically much cheaper to purchase than robotic mowers.
Conventional push mowers are typically much cheaper to purchase than robotic mowers.

An automatic lawn mower crisscrosses the lawn in repeated patterns from different angles to achieve maximum results and a well-manicured effect. Parameters are established by encircling the lawn boundaries with a fine wire, which is included with the purchase. The automatic lawn mower can also sense trees and hedges, diverting around them, and will function regardless of the slope or shape of the lawn, making the lawnmower a viable choice for just about anyone.

Advantages of an automatic lawn mower are that it is quiet, saves both oil and gasoline, creates less air pollution and, of course, frees you from yard work. Its safety features include child safety locks, anti-theft locks, and sensors that cause the automatic lawn mower to veer away from any object that might get in its path, such as a small child or pet.

As the automatic lawn mower cuts the grass it deposits the fine clippings across the lawn. These clippings, known as mulch, protect the lawn during dry weather spells, and also add valuable nutrients back into the lawn. An automatic lawn mower does not come with a catcher.

The automatic lawn mower will carry a manufacturer warranty, and additional perimeter wire is available. Auto, or remote control lawnmowers, can be purchased online or at lawn and garden centers. Models range in price to upwards of $1,000 (US dollars). While somewhat of an investment, the time and energy saved may well prove cost-effective in the long run.

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