What Is an ATV Tiller?

Dan Cavallari

An ATV tiller is a tool used to stir soil and aid in the removal of rocks, roots, and other objects that can prevent growth. Unlike other types of tillers, the ATV tiller is attached to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) which pulls the tiller behind it. The specific design of the tiller can vary, and while most are unpowered units, some do feature motors that power the tilling wheels. The unit usually features wheels that aid in guidance of the machine, but others may feature fixed tines that simply drag through the soil as the ATV moves forward.

An ATV tiller is a device used to turn soil to help remove rocks and roots, and to add oxygen to the dirt.
An ATV tiller is a device used to turn soil to help remove rocks and roots, and to add oxygen to the dirt.

In most cases, the ATV itself must be fitted with a hitch receiver so the tiller can be attached quickly and securely. The all-terrain vehicle provides the forward drive, and it is capable of driving over varied and uneven terrain. If the ATV tiller is unpowered, it will simply be dragged behind the ATV at whatever speed the driver chooses; some tiller models allow the user to raise or lower the tines as needed to prevent damage to soil that was not supposed to be disturbed. In other cases, the tines are fixed in one position and the user must drive carefully to avoid damaging soil that should remain untilled.

Some ATV tiller models feature tilling wheels instead of tines. These wheels are usually serrated or otherwise cut in such a way that the soil can be turned effectively. The ATV tiller may feature several wheels, usually oriented parallel to each other, and they will rotate as the ATV pulls the tiller unit forward. Heavier-duty jobs may require a powered tiller, which features a motor that turns the wheels. This is usually reserved for heavier soils or excessively rocky terrain.

The purpose of the ATV tiller is to turn the soil so rocks and roots are removed. The process also aerates the soil, which ensures oxygen is present in the soil for plants to take advantage of when planted. If the soil was previously packed hard, the tiller can loosen the dirt so planting can be done quickly and easily. Water will be able to penetrate the top layer of dirt and fall down further into the ground, thereby preventing premature evaporation and allowing plant roots to take advantage of the moisture deep in the ground. Tilling is usually done at the beginning of a planting season, though in some cases tilling can be done during the season as well.

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