What Is an ATV Disk?

Dan Cavallari

An ATV disk is an accessory used in conjunction with an ATV, or all terrain vehicle. This component attaches to the trailer hitch of the ATV and is dragged behind the vehicle over soil in order to break up and smooth out that soil. It is known as an ATV disk because the component will feature one or more rotating disks that cut into the soil to turn it; some models will feature a drag that follows the disks to smooth out the soil after it has been turned by the disks.

An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain.
An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain.

The ATV used for hauling the ATV disk must be large or heavy-duty enough to haul the weight of the component through the soil. Larger tractors are used on farms or on larger pieces of property to till the soil, while an ATV disk is useful for small to medium sized areas that need tilling or harrowing. The size of the ATV disk can vary depending on the user's needs. The smallest units will only feature one or two disks for tilling, while larger units can feature five or more disks to cover a wider area as the ATV passes over the soil.

A receiver hitch must be mounted to the ATV, and a tow bar must be used as well. This tow bar should have a ball hitch mounted to its end so the ATV disk can be attached to the ATV securely. This system allows for easy removal and installation of the disk when necessary, as well as free movement of the disk when the ATV is turning or driving over uneven terrain. The frame of the disk is usually made from steel for durability, and the wheels will also often be made from steel. The wheels are not usually powered, so the weight of the frame must bear down on the disks to allow them to sink into the soil. Some models feature adjustable disks that can cut into soil more deeply or shallower as necessary.

The purpose of the ATV disk is to break up compacted soil, usually in preparation for planting. The disks cut into the soil and turn it, thereby softening the soil and allowing it to oxygenate. The disks can also help tear up roots from weeds or other unwanted plants, as well as small rocks that may impede successful planting in a given area. This process is done before planting begins, usually at the beginning of a growing season.

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